Monday, June 7, 2010

A Visit

Tonight I'm sitting on the couch next one of my most favorite-ist people in the world ever, my friend Brooke. She and her hubby live in Texas, where Matt is a Instructor Pilot in the Air Force, but he had to go to Alabama for a month for some training, leaving her in a little town that, although she's grown to deal with, she does not love. Of course, the upside to the situation is that it gave her the perfect excuse to come spend almost two weeks here!

Brooke and I on a hike last summer (okay, I lied- we did go on two hikes - one at Garden of the Gods and one to Helen Hunt Falls- but this picture is just of us in my parents' back"yard").

Brooke and I met as RAs in college and just clicked- but unfortunately, I was a senior when we met, so we only got one year of live-in-the-same-place friendship. (Which, she adds as she reads over my shoulder, was wonderful.) Still, we've been decently intentional about seeing each other at least once a year. Usually she comes here because she loves it (although this visit we're having abnormally hot weather) and we can go hiking and be outdoors and see mountains and whatnot.

Anyway, my point is that I am super excited and blessed to get to spend some time with Brooke. We've already gone a good walk, had a couple of delicious meals, laughed a lot, and had some thought-provoking conversations. Today she even helped me reorganize some of the chaos that has been my house (isn't that real friendship?!?).

We've also started a little blog together to chronicle our journey towards becoming healthier people (both physically and spiritually), so feel free to visit at The Skinny Bs - although our design is still in progress, so don't judge. :) I think our goal is mainly to write so we can keep each other accountable and laugh a lot, but you can join in too, if you want.

Well, I suppose it's about time for us to make some brownies- but don't worry - we're making No Pudge Fudge Brownies with fat free yogurt, so we're not breaking our healthier life pact already.

May your summer start off as well as mine has so far (today was my first day!), and may you also have the gift of a lifelong friend who, as Brooke and I say, is for the reals.

P.S. I still want to blog about that really great Psalm I read - I promise it will come soon!
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