About Me

I'm a wife, daughter, sister, mother-to-be, friend.  A teacher, Student Council advisor, grad school graduate, occasional childrens or youth ministry helper.  A reader, runner (well, fast jogger), coffee-drinker.  A multi-tasker, talk-to-myself-out-loud-er, laugh-a-lot-er.  A Jesus lover.  I'm trying to learn to live every day like a day off.

I'm married to a wonderful man, Husband, who is walking alongside me on my journey to becoming the woman God wants me to be.  Rather, we're walking alongside each other on our journeys.  He makes me laugh almost more than anyone else, and nothing makes me happier than sitting on the couch and eating grilled cheese sandwiches together. 

Husband and I are parents-to-be, come sometime in late March/early April 2012.  We're nervous, excited, nervous, excited, trying to figure out how to get "ready," what needs to get "done," and mostly, praying that we'll be the parents God intends us to be. 
I spend the majority of my time working on something school-related, as I'm a high school Spanish teacher and Student Council advisor, and I love it.  I wish there weren't politics and grading, but I'll take them if I have to if it means I get to spend time with the kids I so love teaching.

And I'm on a journey with God. I don't want to be the same woman in ten years that I am now. I have a lot of changes to make, but I am trusting in Him to show me the way.

If I could, every day I would:

- drink coffee and read a book
- eat bread and cheese
- watch a Jane Austen movie
- drink coffee
- go for a run in the sunshine
- sit in front of a twinkling Christmas tree
- play cards or just hang out with Husband

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