Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Few Fun Summer Pictures

Well, I've been gone from blogland ALL summer long for a few different reasons - a broken computer, no desire to be on the computer, questioning why to blog, etc. 

Summer is winding down (I'll be back in the school building by choice this week and by requirement next week), Husband and I just bought a new laptop, and I've decided to blog because I like it, not to be known or get followers, so..... I'm back.

I don't promise regular blogging - you know me - depends on whether or not my schedule gets insane insane or just mostly insane, but I'm excited to blog again, anyway.

I'll show you a few of the things I've been up to this summer: I don't have the whole summer depicted here, but here are a few photos of July.  (Remember how I thought my camera had been stolen in like February?  Well, it turns out it was just in my car....  I found it mid-July when I finally cleaned the car out thoroughly.) 

I helped my grandpa move from one retirement home to another - I was taking pictures of how he had things set up in the first place, and he got in the picture.  So cute!
 Husband and I at the Rodeo.  We love it!
Sister and her good friend Anna at the Rodeo.  Anna said she felt like she was back in Texas. :)
I took Grandpa for a stroll around Bear Lake in Estes Park while the rest of the family went on a hike.  He was moving pretty well!
Husband and I by the river on our way to the restaurant in Estes Park.
My dad is so awesome - he always takes care of Grandpa.
Grandpa's 96th birthday dinner: The men: Grandpa, Husband, and Dad.

Mom and her dad for Grandpa's 96th birthday.

Sister and I at Grandpa's birthday dinner.

More to come as I get the rest of the pictures from Husband and Sister's cameras, too.

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