Sunday, May 22, 2011

Almost there

Oh Summer, come soon.

I'm almost there.  One more week with students and then another week of sorting, organizing, cleaning in the classroom, and then D.O.N.E.

The majority of the stressful to-do list is done, and I'm on to the final bits and pieces of things that, whether I get them done or not, will be over in about a week.  I'm down to grading the last odds and ends of missing work, editing, administering, and grading final exams and projects, and a few meetings. 

Summer is going to be full...... today I was telling Husband I am even a little stressed about it, because somehow, yet again, it will be jam packed full of things to do.  Still, I can't wait for it.  I was going through Facebook pictures to today (because I needed a break from creating my online final) and thinking of all the fun things that I get to to do. 

BUT.  I think I've got a plan of attack for the summer, with some much needed me time spaced into the busyness.  Some of those busy things include VBX at church, a Nebraska wedding, StuCo Camp, visiting my BFF at her new place in Arizona, and more.  I think we even are working it out that Husband will get to go to San Fran and visit his BFF from high school, who was the best man at our wedding.  It's about time he get to do something fun.

Speaking of Husband, what I MOST want to do is spend time with him this summer.  I want to cook yummy good meals for him, play outside, work outside (finish that back"yard"), go to fun things with him, and more.  He's really, truly, seriously, the best, and I'm having a little Hubby withdrawl from the last two weeks (I was never home.  Ever.)  We have seen each other a lot more this weekend, in the company of our sisters, so that's been fun, but I want some time with him where I'm not always thinking about the next thing I have to do (which is all I do these days). 

Bring on the summer.


  1. yes, bring on the summer! you totally deserve it! and you're also right about john, by the way, it is time he gets to do something fun! i am super excited for you to come visit!! can you tell, all of my sentences are ending with exclamation points! the guest bed is even made:) i want to call you to hear how everything went the other day. i'll see if i can catch you while you're on the road or something. love ya!

  2. Hi...
    You had a great time with your hubby. have a wonderful weekend.


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