Friday, June 8, 2012

Uncertainty and Expectation

Joining in with Gypsy Mama today to take five minutes to write.  The topic?  Expectation.



Expectation.  My first thought?  Is that a real word?  It sounds funny to me, but I think it must be real. 

Husband and I are in a season that is sort of terrifying, sort of amazing, and definitely full of expectation.  He's on his way to a job interview as I write, just pulled out of his parking spot.  He's registered for his first three classes to go to college, to be an electrical engineer, to do something he finds interesting and purposeful with his life. 

Life is full of uncertainty at the moment.  Will he get a job that he likes for the interim?  Will he be able to find a job soon?  Will we be able to continue to afford living in our townhome, or will we have to sell and move to an apartment or in with my family?  Will we be able to manage both of us with full time jobs, him in school, and a new baby, our first?  Will the challenges we'll be facing stretch us too much, or in just the ways we need to be stretched?  Will our marriage be tested in ways we are not prepared for?  So much uncertainty, so many things that could terrify me.

Expectation though, well, expectation is the positive twist to uncertainty.  Even with all these things, there is much to expect.  Much joy, much growth, much life.

Expectation, then, instead of uncertainty.  I'll take it.


  1. I just read your post aloud to my cereal-chomping toddler, and we prayed together at the end for your husband's job. My husband and I were in a similar place not too long ago, so these lines are particularly beautiful to me: "expectation is the positive twist to uncertainty... Expectation, then, instead of uncertainty. I'll take it." Thanks for sharing; it's so encouraging to see your courage (no pun intended)!

  2. Yes! And the expectation that God will walk through all of that with you! Prayers and thoughts as you head into new places in your journey!

  3. Ooooh, I feel your stretch. Hang in there, like Stretch Armstrong, and God will carry you through. Even if you feel stretched out. :)
    Hugs, K


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