Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dear Blog,

I know, you're feeling awfully neglected.  It's been weeks since I've visited you, checked to see if you had any comments for me, wrote you a message, or visited any of your other blog-friends.  You're wondering if I still like you, or if I'm mad at you, or if I just don't care about you anymore.

I DO like you, I'm NOT mad, and I DO care.  I know it's clich√© to say this, but please, don't take my neglect and absence personally.  I'm just busy.  And I know I've said that before and have made promises to be a better friend, to write you more often, to stay in better touch, but seriously, this is a whole new kind of busy.

My mornings are spent quickly getting ready and getting Will dressed, fed, and out the door as close to on time as possible (which is laughable - on time now means a few minutes late).  My planning periods, where I used to take a few minutes to visit you, are now used down to the last second with grading, planning, and StuCo stuff.  I hurry out of school as quickly as possible to go pick up the boy, and we play, eat, and be together.  And after he goes to bed, I have to grade or plan or do online work or something, and then I have to get all the baby stuff ready for the next morning.

Simply put, I just can't seem the time to visit and do the things I need to do.  It's not that I haven't had things to tell you - I've written you a dozen messages in my head.  They just haven't made it to you.

Know that someday (hopefully sooner than later) I'm going to get it together enough to re-establish our friendship, because you and all your blog-friends are important to me, and I miss you.



  1. Blogs are things that come in waves... ;) As I well know. I love you sister and fellow busy-bee!!!!!

  2. Hey. I was super busy last week and missed this post. Things happen. Your blog and blog friends will be here when you get a minute to visit.

    I had been thinking about you and the accountability thing. How's it going?

  3. My thumb hit the mouse and published the comment before I was finished!

    I was going to say I would really love to see a picture of that handsome son of yours.


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