Monday, November 16, 2009

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Today I'm joining my friends over at Chatting at the Sky, where on Tuesdays we think about the little things we're thankful. According to Emily (who writes Chatting at the Sky), November is the official month to be thankful for the small things, but she (and I agree) thinks it's pretty cool we do that every month. (When I say "we," I use the term relatively... I've only been joining in for a few weeks now!)

Lately I've been working on a journey (because for a little while, I'm pretty sure I was standing still if not moving backwords) towards knowing God as Lord and King. In the last week, Husband and I have been spending more time with God separately, and then sharing about what we're learning with each other, and that in and of itself is an incredible gift to unwrap. I feel like I have a long, long way to go.... but just as I am seeing the Lord and King in the sights around me, I'm learning a little about who He could be (and will be) in my life.

But, today I'm going to be thankful for what, to some, would seem like an pretty small gift, compared to the richness found in things of God..... but I think most of you will agree with me that the gift of laughter is indeed one of the best gifts God gives. Today I celebrate the laughter my family got as we looked a this series of photos that Husband and I took of ourselves at a baseball game this summer. We didn't realize what was going on until we looked at all three pictures in succession..... and then we laughed and laughed and laughed as we joined in on the joke.

Darn, didn't really get into their picture....

Now I'm in!

Guys, guys, I got into their picture!

Whether it's laughing so hard you make the crying face, that milk comes out your nose, that you can't breathe, or that your face hurts, laughter is indeed one of the best little gifts I can think of. Hope you laugh today!


  1. Laughter is nothing to take for granted, that's for sure! I feel like laughter has saved my sanity time and time again, and perhaps my marriage as well! What a great gift to unwrap!

    (And it sounds like Husband and you are doing some pretty awesome stuff--way to go friends!)

  2. Yes! Laughter is one of the BEST gifts from God!

  3. That's classic. Thanks for this.

  4. Love the pictures! Too funny. And what would I do without laughter in my life? I don't want to find out. Thanks for a fun post.

  5. These pictures are hysterical and just what I needed to lighten my load today!!! Thanks so very much!!! I LOVE laughing!!!!

  6. Laughter is so important! And that sequence of photos is just too funny :)

  7. As I look at your post again...I must say that husband's face in #2 is the funniest to me. it's hard to look at the camera for long when a ball game is going on...


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