Wednesday, December 9, 2009

501 Days Ago

Yesterday Husband's Facebook wedding counter told us we've been married for 500 days! (Since that was yesterday, today it's 501.... and by the time anyone reads this.... it'll be more lik 502 or more!)

July 26, 2008- after several hours of getting ready, laughing and crying our way through the ceremony, eating a delicious dinner, dancing and talking with friends and family, John and I took a quick breather on the porch before making some more rounds. We were tired.... :)

Perhaps one of my favorite things to do with Husband is walk and talk.... and often that involves quite a bit of laughing. On this particular walk (our engagement shoot), I had definitely worn the wrong shoes, which is why they're in my hand.

Bonded by our mutual dislike for CU, I became a Huskers fan. Husband grew up in Lincoln, so last year when we were in town for Thanksgiving we were super excited to get tickets to the monumental Nebraska-Colorado game, where Nebraska totally kicked CU's rear!

Our first Charlie Brown Christmas tree (last year- this year we are pretty excited to have a nicer one!) This involved lots of laughter, a bit of frustration (I hate hate hate putting the lights on), and, of course, hot chocolate. This year we had lots of laughter, no frustration (at least I didn't!), and, of course, hot chocolate.... but we forgot to a take a picture of us with the tree.

On our one-year anniversary weekend trip to Estes Park, where we hiked, ate, laughed, window-shopped, and enjoyed each other's company away from the hustle and bustle of life.

I know it's a little silly to celebrate 500 days of marriage, but hey, I think it's super cool!

Love you, Husband!

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