Monday, December 28, 2009

Transition, Please

So the radio stations around here started playing 100% Christmas December 1st (one even started after Thanksgiving). I LOVED it. I mean, sometimes I got tired of hearing the same songs over and over, but mostly, I enjoy Christmas music. But what drives me crazy is that they give us nearly a month to prepare for Christmas, but come December 26th, bye bye Christmas music!

I decided I needed a transition period. A few days to wean myself off of the Christmas music. I can't just go cold turkey.

So I've found my new favorite "Christmas" song(s), and I'd like to share it here for those of you who need a transition period, along with me. Stick it out to the end- that's my favorite part.


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  1. we love this video! I know that there is no transition...but I am usually one of the ones who wants it over once it's over. This year I'm trying to hang on to the mood for a few more days. :)


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