Friday, March 26, 2010

My Absence

It's been two weeks at least since I last blogged. Even as I write that, I feel like I'm in an "A" meeting- you know, like "BA"- bloggers anonymous. It's silly, because I most definitely do not have an addiction to blogging. I rarely am a more than 3 posts per week person, I don't often spend endless hours surfing others' blogs.... although I might like to, I don't have time, and I don't make time, which in my head = not addicted. But still, it's been two weeks since I've blogged.

I know that in the big scheme of blog world, my absence is a non-noteworthy issue (although I must admit that I felt warm fuzzies when my friend Southern Gal wrote me to tell me she's missed my posts!), and my desire to be noticed is partially why I was absent.

I'll explain it all more later, but the short version is that after writing about my friend's hubby's death, I then had the funeral to go to and time to spend with her, which was wonderful, but the whole thing has weighed heavily on my heart. I spent a few days in Louisville with some wonderful people who are planning an awesome conference for teens in July (my role is minor, but I got to listen to all the big stuff). I jumped back into school and parent teacher conferences. I've been busy.

But that's not the real reason I haven't blogged, because if busyness were it, well, then I've had multiple opportunites to blog this week, as I'm on Spring Break. My heart, though, has been in need of some prioritizing and soul searching. I am finding that I'm a bit out of order, and I feel a bit incomplete, and that really, it's all because apparently I'm having a close-to-quarter life crisis about who I am. Crisis is too strong a word, I'm not falling apart, I don't wish I had a different job or life, and I'm not really a giant disaster. But I digress. (My "short" post on acknowledging my absence is turning into a novel. Go figure- me, write too much?) The point is, I've been absent because I've been thinking and needed to keep myself away from trying to find validation in blogland.

I think I've made enough progress in self-awareness and prioritization that, for those few of you who might be interested, I will be back soon to the land of Bloggie Friendships (which I love). And, of course, being the me that I am, I will share with you more about what's in my weird, jumbled, random, doesn't make much sense head and heart.

Till then,
With love,


  1. With so many things pulling me in different directions, I feel like I need to reprioritize too. We can't figure it all out on our own, so let's be prayerful about where God is leading us.

  2. I love you! (just in case you didn't know that already)

  3. Sometimes you need to step back and figure things out. Take the time you need. I just wanted to make sure my bloggy friend was OK.

  4. This is my first stop by your blog but I'm so inspired by your entry today. Blessings to you as you work through this "season" of your life. HE will see you through! Blessings abundant to you!

  5. Absolutely, girl, take the time you need to sort your world out. I can complete understand what you are talking about...

  6. I totally understand. I turned my comments off for several weeks last year for the same reason. The truth is, God is enthralled by you despite how significant you feel. He has you here for a reason and He loves you like crazy. Glad to see you are feeling better. Hope you have a great week!

  7. Take all the time you need. Stillness is important.

  8. Oh how I can relate to being "a bit out of order!" You are wise to take the time you need to get it all sorted out. We'll be here when you do and we'll be interested in hearing all you've learned.
    Blessings to you bloggy friend!

  9. I've missed you and will call soon. My entry back to the real world after Spring Break has been a bit difficult to get used to. I started to think Spring Break was real life:) I hope your break was just as restful. I love you dear friend and look forward to a long talk "real" soon. Mucho love-o!


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