Friday, July 23, 2010

Kind of Irked

Okay, so, yesterday this thing popped up on my blog that said my background, from Cutest Blog on the Block, would be disappearing today.

And it did.

And I'm a little irked.  (in my book, irked is somewhere between annoyed and mad)

Because I'd spent a while coordinating things to go with that background, and thought it looked "me"-ish.  Not too girly, not too boring, not too busy. 

And now it's gone.

And I don't really want to go back to a place that's going to delete my background somtime soon, so......

Any thoughts on what I should do next? 

(I had thought it might be nice to get someone to actually design my blog for me, but that would require money, which doesn't seem like a frugal buy at the moment.)

Any opinions would be appreciated.


  1. Bummer! Did it say why it would disappear? I have no clue how to do backgrounds. That's not true, I do but the theme from our site won't let us upload it for free (I think), and I'm not sure how blogspot works. Hope someone will be of more assistance to you.

  2. Wow. I would be frustrated myself. Wendy at Almota Roses gave me a few sites that helped me edit my html code to make my own design. If you'd like to try go here:
    or here:
    I got my fonts and found out how to apply them to my blog from

    I would have emailed instead of commenting, but I couldn't find your email address. ;)

  3. i went to the "cutest..." site, and there's pretty easy direction on how to replace your code from the old "cutest" code, to the new one so you can keep your should try it. I did it this week and it was super easy.
    Like, typing one sentance, easy.
    Love you! :)

  4. Mine did the same thing! I've switched, in the meantime, to a freebie from, but I've decided to save up for a custom background so this doesn't happen again.


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