Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Getting Going

I keep thinking today is Monday... I guess that's because my schedule has been all screwed up. Last week I went to our state Student Council camp, which was four intense, jam-packed, emotionally charged, laughter and tear-filled awesome days.  They were so packed, though, that each day felt like at least two days.  I felt like I was at camp for at least 7 or 8 days, then.  Saturday, then, my sister and I went up to a huge music festival called Heavenfest (nearly 100 bands, outdoors, noon to midnight).  Fun, but not a normal schedule thing.  And then yesterday, the real Monday, I went to a water park with our junior high and high school youth groups, spending the day riding the attractions and lounging along the lazy river.

So today feels like Monday.  But it's an okay Monday, I think.

I do have two meetings at school this week, but my main focus is going to be getting my house ready for the school year, because if I start out with it in disarray or dirty, it will be a bad thing.  I mean, a bad thing.  So rather than consider how bad, I'm going to get to cleaning and organzing.  Not in that order, probably.  I've made a list - which rooms I'll do which days - so I just need to get off the blog and go get started.

But first, this week I also want to jump start the other parts of my schedule that are super important - time with my Maker, and time getting exercise.  If I don't start those off on the right foot, it will be hard to get started later.  All summer I've thought, "surely I can get those things under control since I have more flexibility in my life during the summer"- but I guess I do better with some structure in my schedule, because I haven't gotten them figured out yet.

So here's to a schedule this week - may I stick to it and start with a happy house (which makes me happy and sane) and healthy habits.


  1. your background is back! or is it a slightly different version? either way, that's good news, and kind of strange...why'd they have to take it away to begin with?

    good luck to you with getting on the right foot as you get started this year. two of the last four years have not started on the right foot, and it had a way of putting a cramp in the whole year. if there's anything i can do to help, just let me know! maybe i'll have to visit this fall and play housekeeper to help with that "right food advantage". love you:)

  2. I LOVE a schedule. Even though I'm not totally psyched to get back, I am VERY excited to have scheduled normalcy in my life. Just wanted you t know that someone understands!
    Love you!

  3. Hope your week turned out fabulous!


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