Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Ink-Well

I haven't much time to blog these days, it seems, even though blogging is quite therapeutic and, often, gives me perspective.  It opens my eyes to my life, to the world, to God.  It even often brings me clarity and furthers my relationship with the One.

Yet, just like my paper-and-pen journal, my blog-well dries up in times of busyness or avoidance or stress.  I've been doing a really neat challenge with my friend Carly, called 24-in-24, where several women are striving to spend an hour a day with our Lord for 24 days.  I knew that an hour a day wasn't going to happen, but as she wrote us the other day, it's our heart and our pursuit that matters.  "God isn't concerned with our perfection as much as our pursuit," she said.  And so I have, although not nearly for an hour, been spending time with Him, reading, praying, writing, for some time each day.  Yet I find that I'm a little stiffled, dry, and, to be honest, not connected like I'm hoping to be. 

I have always known that when my figurative ink-well is dry, often so is my spirit.  It runs low because of stress, or busyness, or disappointment, or hardship.  Yet I am convinced that, if I push through the dryness, with the help of my Maker and of my people, the other side will be quite beautiful.  And so, I'm back to blog, although I don't really have the time, nor anything much worth writing about, nor anyone who really reads me. 

I'm back to blog (as I continue my efforts to do 24-in-24 in my journal and here), because I know that the dryness will not continue as I continue my pursuit of the One.

And when the dryness is gone, this is what will be found.

Photo taken by Husband in Rocky Mountain National Park


  1. great illustration. great pic.

  2. I read you! :0) I am glad I will see your face tonight.

  3. I can relate to this well. I love your thoughts and they fit perfectly with this picture.

  4. Do not lose heart..keep up and persevere...the end is well worth it!

  5. Wow! Beautiful picture and I completely get what you wrote. You wrote it so beautifully! I too have recently made more of a committed effort to spend time each day with God and also to journal/blog once a day. I'm going to go read what you wrote again! Thanks for sharing your thoughts so brilliantly. Have a blessed weekend!

  6. Beautiful picture! I can understand so well, where you are. I used to feel very pressured to write every day because I was righting down memories of my children. These days, I usually write just once a week on Fridays...sometimes I have nothing much to say and can hardly remember what took place over the week, other times, as I write, thoughts pour out of me and I am surprised at the end because that is not what I had intended to come out! Anyway, whatever it takes for you to be closer to God and feel His presence is what is important, hope you are finding that balance!



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