Friday, August 27, 2010

Coffee Company 8/27: Spinning Plates

Catching up today with my Company Girls.  I've missed you!
I know that if you've read me at all (or if you know me IRL), you know I'm always busy.  In fact, I don't even really like to say the word busy, because it's kind of lost it's meaning.  Saying I'm super busy right now is almost meaningless.  But regardless, I'm...

...Pretty sure this is me.

Okay, not really, but it's a pretty good analogy of how I'm feeling.

The new school year has begun (we're at the end of the 2nd week), and while I have not yet dropped a plate (that I know of), they are spinning fast and I'm working hard to keep them in the air.

What, you ask, are my plates, this year?

1. My three in-person Spanish 2 classes and my one in-person Spanish 3 class.  Planning, grading, interacting.

2. My one online Spanish 2 class. Planning, creating content from scratch each week (audio, video, assignments, lessons, etc.).  Grading, interacting.  Yes, we do have to have interactions even with online school - I have a "Class Live" session each week where we all simultaneously log in and video, audio, or text chat and I explain things through a "whiteboard" we can all see.  And we email A LOT.

3. My one don't-get-paid-for-it-but-still-have-to-plan-it-and-grade-it Independent Study Spanish 4 class with three students.  Never have taught Spanish 4, so I'm creating that curriculum as I go, and they come in during my planning period every other day for a real class.

4. My Student Council class, which involves planning of leadership lessons and activities, getting ready for our big leadership retreat next weekend, and, of course, coordinating and attending the events we put on at the school and help at.  I used to have a co-sponsor, and we did all the work together, but this year I'm on my own.  It's going great, by the way - I love the kids - but it is a lot to think of.

5. Youth group sponsor.  I had taken a year and a half off to do grad school, but got sucked back in when our youth pastor starting doing small groups, which I really resonate with.  That means Sunday nights, when I would love to just rest and gear up for the next week, I go to church and interact.

6. Club sponsor for a group called Friends of Rachel, planning and attending meetings.

7. Needing to keep my house in some sort of order.

8. Would love to find time to be healthy, exercise, cook.  (see my post at to know read my failure at this.

9. Need to spend time with my family, as my parents are dealing with some really hard stuff.

10. Still taking care of my horse after he had impaled himself in May - it's going better, but he needs to be walked at least every other day.

11. Being in a small group where we're reading Francis Chan's "The Forgotten God" and doing life together.

12. Discipling two high school students from church, separately.

13. Spending time with the students I've had in previous years who hang out in my room at lunch and during all breaks because they need me and love me.

14. Oh, and it might be nice to see my husband once in a while.

I'm hoping that once I get into a better routine, I will find a little balance..... but for now....

Here's to not dropping any plates!

What is on your plate in this season? 


  1. Just the other day I realized that I am not loving my husband well. Seems that I need to kick him up a few notches on the priority list!

  2. On my plate: part-time writer for local magazines, long-distance daughtering for aging parents (Dad is terminally ill and has Alzheimer's), long-distance parenting for two wonderful sons, sweet DIL and a dear "fake son" (relative by marriage)in college from out-of-state. Helping in church nursery one Sunday a month, blogging, trying to maintain consistent Bible times, bicycling, and lots of Hubby-time (usually).
    Hang in there! I hope you find the balance you need; sounds like you have a truly amazing ministry but you don't want to burn out.

  3. You are busy! And with some very good things! I would just like to recommend (from someone who has been there) that you really pray about each of these things. They are all good, but are they all the best? I say this because I don't want you becoming stressed out or overwhelmed. Take time to just enjoy being in the presence of Jesus like Mary and not be worried and excited about many things like Martha. It reminds me of a story: Jesus asked a man to carry a rock up a hill. The man took the rock, which was light, and began the journey. The trip was going well and as he went, he met a man carrying another rock. The man asked him if he could carry both...since he was already going. The first man agreed. The burden was a bit heavier, but still doable. As he moved up the mountain, he met more and more people. Wanting to help and "do the right thing", he continued to add to his load. Before long, he was bent under the load of rocks. He finally cried out to God. Why would He give the man such a difficult job? He couldn't continue to carry such a heavy load! God was asking too much. God responded that all HE asked the man to do was carry one rock...the other burdens, he had placed on himself and took the jobs that were meant for others. I hope you find your perfect balance! Blessings

  4. Oh I totally understand this!
    I'll have several plates to keep in the air this year, although I'm not sure if I'll manage to keep them all spinning! :-)
    My eldest 2 girls at school and 1 in 1/2day nursery, a "3 morning a week" job with a home educated child to fit in with ocassional days fulltime for another school, all the extra curricular activites of my 3 girls, my own Brownie and Guide groups - and every so often a Husband back from tour!

  5. That's a whole lot of spinning plates, girl. I was dizzy at Spanish 4.

    I guess I missed what happened to your horse, but that sounds horrific. I'm continuing to pray for you - and all your plates - that God gives you the grace and strength to do what you need to do. Bless you!

  6. Wow that's a lot. I know what you mean about "busy". I used to be like that too with all the involvement and just taking on more stuff and not being able to let go because I had invested so much in these students and that planning, etc etc. Not my main thing is just to be a wife and mommy. It took a lot to get used to but it's where I am. I do look forward to doing God's work and other work outside our home one day but for now that's it.

    Sorry to hear about your parents. I hope that things will be okay.

    Have a good school year, and that you're able to get assistance wherever need if it's too much for you.

  7. sweet friend--your class load and stuco by yourself sounds insanely full--like more than full time? Do you have any choice in any of that?

    Otherwise, all I have to say is take things one day at a time, one hour at a time. Pray for His grace--He says it is sufficient. Love you.

  8. That is a lot! I need a nap after reading all that :)

    Praying for God's strength to get you through.
    Hang in there!

  9. You certainly do sound busy! As a former online student, I think it's great that you interact with yours so much. Don't worry - you'll find your stride.

  10. Sometimes, as beautiful as a plate is, I intentionally let it drop.

  11. Hang in there friend! I'm praying that you receive what you need from God in the midst of the crazy-ness. I know I'm late in reading, but I love you anyway! Hope this weekend went great.

  12. Wow. Your schedule looks incredibly daunting. I know you can do it, but don't get burned out. Take time for you and that hubby of yours. I speak from experience. ;)

    Oh and #7? That's always at the top of the list...always the first to get dropped.

    Praying you have a great holiday weekend, Beth.


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