Friday, October 15, 2010

A Day Off

Good morning!  Can you just wait a moment while I run to the kitchen and get my cup of coffee?  I turned the pot on about 20 minutes ago, but haven't gotten up yet to actually enjoy my morning beverage.  I'll be right back.

That's better.  I've got my favorite brew in hand - a homemade cup of Einstein's Hazelnut Coffee..... mmmmm delicious.  I've been drinking cup after cup of tea recentely (I have a nasty cough), but I just needed a cup of goodness this morning.

Today I have a day off. 

It's not like a day off, it is a day off. 

We worked parent-teacher conferences the last two nights, and since they can't pay us for it, we get the next day off.  Hence, no going to school for me today.  However, I apparently don't know how to take a day off.  I made my to-do list for this weekend, at least half of which I hope to accomplish today.... it includes grading all the work for my online class I got behind on when I was grading all the work for my IRL classes before PT conferences (I don't have any more abbreviations, or I'd throw them in just to be funny), grading workbooks, planning the next week of online curriculum and getting it uploaded, doing laundry and putting away the piles that are still out in the basket from last week, cleaning the living room, kitchen, dining room, birdcage, master bathroom, master bedroom, guestroom (and, in all that cleaning, hoping to freshen up the house from the "dog" smell we have now), walk the dog and walk the horse. 

But I'm also drinking my favorite coffee, wearing my favorite sweatpants.  And later, I'm going to spend the evening with some of my favorite friends at small group.  And walking the dog and horse (not simultaneously, of course), is fun for me and fun for them.  And I hope to see my parents and sister sometime this weekend.

And having the chance to stay home instead of go into work truly makes it, regardless of what I am doing here, a day off.

Love it.

Here are a few pictures I'm dying to show you!

A double rainbow (the top is very faint) we saw on our drive to Wyoming to see Husband's family.

The first leg of Grandma Harriett's retirement / birthday party - she's the one dressed like a prisoner.  The theme of the party was her parole, as she retired from working at the Wyoming State Penn.  It was quite a fun night - after this stage, the party continued with close family friends and their kids and kids' friends (all now in their 20s) talking, laughing, singing (oh yes, singing), and more.

Here's a picture of our little snuggle bug - she seriously loves to cuddle, although she still wants to play a lot of the time!  We decided to name her Ginger, but call her Ginny for short.

And I'm in love with fall (although it's a little warm again today) and wrote a post about it here, but wanted to show you my mantle.  I love it.  It's a little busy, I know, but it's beautiful to me.

Happy Friday!  May your day be like a day off, too.


  1. I so would join you for a cup of coffee. Make mine Pumpkin Spice Latte, please? (Gingerbread next month.) The parole party was a brilliant idea and hilarious!! Oh, and Ginger is a good name for the dog of a girl who loves gingerbread flavored coffee.

  2. A day off!! I have no idea how to have a day off...same as lists. =p Beautiful double rainbow....saw one in the Arizona Native American reservations before...almost the whole rainbow all the way through. Happy retirement to your grandma. Have a wonderful day off.

  3. I'm no good at days off. I'm not really good with an hour off, but still. I love the double rainbows. I find God often sends me one just to remind me that He keeps His promises. Of course, they come just at the right time.

  4. Thank you for the invitation to share a "cup of goodness" with you.

    Your day off sounds like a good day - even if it's not exactly full of rest, it sounds like it will be enjoyed. Now that it's half over, I hope it's "so far, so good."

    Ginny looks like a sweetheart.

  5. Stopping by from Company girls.I love your mantle, it looks lovely! Thanks for the coffee...
    Blessings on your weekend!


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