Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stephanie's Ponytail

Have you ever read this story?
I hadn't, but my little sister read it to me the other day.  When I say little, I mean younger.  She's 22 years old and doing her student teaching this year.  She's just finished up a rotation in first grade, and it's been a really good experience for her, I think.

See, Sister went into this year pretty much freaking out about whether or not she was going to be able to be a teacher.  She wasn't sure she was grown up enough, or if she was brave enough, or if she could balance classroom management and good interaction with kids.  We of course, knew she could, but she needed to know herself.

So on Sunday I was at her house hanging out with her and saw "Stephanie's Ponytail" on the floor.  As it was a children's book I'd never read, I asked her if I could look at it.  Her response, "No..... But I'll read it to you!"  And so she took the book, sat on the floor "criss cross apple sauce" style (umm.... Indian style, from my days of elementary school) and read me the story.

And she was fantastic.  As she read it, she interjected little anecdotes about what had happened as she'd actually read it to the group of 1st graders - where they had laughed hysterically, when they clued in to the repetition of some of the lines and started saying them with her.  At one point, when even all the little boys in the story had ponytails "coming right out the top" of their heads, her little Haitian boy Djimmy grabbed the top of his head and said, "But I have no hair!" 

My point is this.  My sister is awesome, and, despite her own misgivings, is clearly going to be an incredible teacher.  Here's to you, future elementary-school teacher of the year.  You're the bestest.
Sister giving the best toast ever at our wedding a few years ago - already proving that she does a great job in front of a group of people.


  1. I think you should read more children's books to your high schoolers. It's fun whether you are in 1st grade or 12th :) and apparently the teachers like it too!

  2. I love children's books, but I have not read that one. Sounds like your sister will make a great teacher.

  3. Way to go, Becca! I would have loved to hear you read that story!
    Love, 'Mrs. Miller' :)

  4. Sounds like she's on her way to being a fantastic teacher. Now I've got to go get that book at the library! I'm a sucker for good children's books.

  5. I love your sister! And I'm positive that she will be amazing. :)


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