Friday, February 18, 2011


Today I choose to ignore the busyness I have going on.  I choose to ignore the four weeks of chaos that stand before me.  I choose to not post about everything going on in my busy world.  I choose to be light-hearted today.

I choose to proactively do the things I need to do today.  I choose to do them with a smile on my face.

I choose to listen to my music loudly in my classroom during my planning period, because it makes me happy.  I choose to turn off the flourescents and just let the light stream in from the windows.

Today I choose to ponder. I'll ponder Jesus.  I'll ponder life.

I choose not to dwell on things that make me or bog me down.  I choose to live right now.  I choose to do the things for which I am responsible, but I choose to do so with joy and without thinking about what I am supposed to do next.

I choose to say nothing negative today, about myself, or anyone, or anything else.

I choose freedom, today.

Here's a song that came up on Pandora and made me happy.  No, it's not Jesus-y.  Nope, it's not really inspirational.  No, the message isn't the best message ever.  It just makes me happy.  I liked the original version, and I like this version, too.  I smiled and turned it up a little.  The math class next door surely would like to hear it, too.

Happy Friday!

Blog Hopping with my favorite friends for some Coffee Company. Enjoy!

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  1. Way to be intentional! And I can think of nothing better than to choose freedom from the things that threaten to steal our joy. You can just free fall into Him!

  2. How inspirational!!! I'm glad I read it when I still have more than 1/2 a day to choose these things!!! Yea! Have a great day and weekend :)

  3. I love that you are choosing to enjoy life today! You are definitely in my prayers!

  4. Great post. I choose to enjoy the rest of my day and have a positive attitude until bedtime. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I choose to love your blog post and agree with you!! :) Very inspiring and a great reminder of the important things. Found you through Company Girl and I will keep you in my prayers (and will check back often!!)

  6. Sometimes it is all about our attitudes in situations that can be overwhelming or tough. I'm glad you are choosing to do things with a smile. =) Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Way to choose Joy! I'm a bit late from Coffee company...hope your week is wonderful!


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