Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Epic Cookie Fail

I was talking to my friend Brooke on the phone this afternoon.  She's moving in a couple of months and is working on using the food in her pantry before she goes and mentioned that she was going to bake a pumpkin pie since she had some leftover pumpkin in the freezer.  I commented that I had a few cans of pumpkin in the pantry and got it my head that, after I finished doing some grading, I would make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  I know, it's not the right time of year, but it sounded delicious.

So after I'd reheated myself some pizza and finished my grading, I whipped up some cookie dough.  We can't find our measuring spoons, so I eyeballed it, but the dough tasted so good, I wasn't worried.

Batch one came out a little gooey.  I added a little more baking powder, figuring that I just hadn't guessed the right amount.

Batch two.  Even more gooey than batch one.  In fact, they were not even done, so I just threw it back in the bowl.  Stupid idea, because the choclate chips had melted, which turned the whole dough brown instead of orange. 

Called my mom. Decided it must need more flour.  Added some more.

Batch three, the same as before.  Sigh.  I quit. 

Reach to turn the oven off. 

Oh. My. Gosh.  The oven is off.  I must have turned it off out of habit after I reheated the pizza.

Turned the oven back on and let it re-heat.

Put in batch four.  Not gooey at all.  Too dry, because they had too much flour.

Oh well!  I threw out what was left of the dough.

Hence, the Epic Cookie Fail.

I would have posted pictures, but I think my camera was stolen from school.


  1. 1) You reheated pizza?? That is so not like you...must be an off night.

    2) B, measuring spoons cost, what, like $1.00? Just kidding, I bet your estimates were close enough.

    3) It's a darn good thing cookie dough is at least as good as actual cookies!

    4)Pictures would have been perfect. I really really hope hope you find your camera!

  2. 1) I know. But we had a lot of extra, and I didn't want to waste money. :)

    2) We just discovered we'd lost ours yesterday. I was lazy, and gas is expensive, so I just eyeballed it. It's on the grocery list, lol.

    3) It IS a good thing I did my typical sneak-a-few-bites of cookie dough before I ruined it with all the extra flour. The original dough was delicious.

    4) I'm pretty concerned that it's gone forever. Although it could be wherever two of my favorite shoes are... they aren't from the same pair, so I'm fairly sure they are in the house somewhere.

  3. Oh my gosh... i don't mean to laugh, but this is so the sort of frustrating afternoon that i can imagine for myself!


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