Sunday, March 13, 2011

Little Ways: A New Series

Have you read my first post, Like A Day Off, where I first described the inspiration for my blog title?

Several months after reading that Dove promise and a plethora of posts describing my busy life, I added the tag line, "learning how to live a busy life." 

The reality is that I am busy.  And you know, if you have followed me for a while, that I hate the word busy, because it really is almost meaningless in this day and age, and certainly, in my life.  Regardless of my dislike for the word, the reality remains true.  I'm busy.  All the time.  And I know that you, most definitely, are busy, too.  Sometimes I fall into the trap of a little jealousy and bitterness about others whose lives are "less busy" - but who am I kidding?  We're all freakishly busy.  Our lives are full of things, and not so full of margin. 

Margin has been something I've been thinking about, praying about, and even working on a lot in the past few months.  As God has been teaching me things (as I've finally been listening to Him more), I've also felt the need for more magin and have been trying to find ways to build it into my life.

And you know what?  I've discovered that, when I've created margin for myself, for my family, for God, I end up getting everything else I needed to get done, done. 

Let me honest for a moment, though.  I often don't create margin, I just get lazy.  And when I'm lazy and do nothing, then I don't actualy get all the other stuff done, either, and I increase my stress load greatly.  For me, at least, there is a big difference between "doing nothing" and margin.  Margin has to be intentional, I'm learning.

Back to the point.  I've decided that, in an effort to continue my journey on learning to live a busy life, I'm creating a series called "Little Ways."  I'm not sure how often I'll post to this series - once a week?  once a month? - but I'll post some of the real little ways I'm living life like a day off. 

I ask you to think about how YOU create margin, too, and how YOU find little ways to live like a day off.  I'll include your Little Ways, too.  I can't wait to learn from you!

So here's to finding Little Ways to live, my friends.  Can't wait to see where this leads.


  1. I'm being intentional about Sundays. Sundays are technically a day off for most of us, but we often don't treat them as such. So in the bustle of life and all the change we constantly experience, I'm trying to form Sundays for my family into something to be cherished: the ultimate day off.

    You know I always have a to-do list, but on Sundays I'm now allowing just three things: faith (in the form of church and quiet reading and prayer time), food (I hope to make this a tradition of a home-cooked meal and dessert), and fellowship (calling and skyping friends and family...and if proximity allows, even actually being with friends and family!).

    This is also important to me because my husband has little choice in Sunday being a work (study) day. He can't get around it. However, if his surrounding is relaxing and he has a good home-y meal to look forward to, perhaps his work will feel more like a day off after all.

  2. Great post! I've been thinking a lot about this too, and I've come to the same conclusion. If I don't give God the time He deserves in my busy day, I don't really end up getting that much done, and I stress twice as much about it. The fact is, I have to go to work full time, and I have to get stuff done around the house, but when I make that "margin" for God and community--say, that hour of free time I have each day between getting of work and my husband coming home-- I'm much more productive all around.

    That's a personal goal I've set for myself, so it'll be awesome to keep checking back on Little Ways for inspiration from you!

  3. I loved this post! and I completely understand! I have had this same lesson (sad to admit I've needed it multiple times since the realizations)...

  4. I love this idea, Beth. We are all "busy", most of it our own choosing. At least that's the case in my own life. I strive for discipline, but procrastination follows me wherever I go. Wanting things to be perfect causes more procrastination. Vicious cycle. I'm anxious to read your "little ways".

  5. I love your differentiation between doing nothing and margin. Huge. And sometimes you can use your margin to intentionally do nothing...that's ok.

    My favorite line is this one: "And you know what? I've discovered that, when I've created margin for myself, for my family, for God, I end up getting everything else I needed to get done, done." It's so true. You are more productive and spending less energy wishing you had time to do...whatever.

    You are on to something here, Bethie. Good for you!


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