Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ginny's First Big Snow

While I still only have one "child" to show off, I figure I better take advantage of these opportunities to share about our favorite princess, Ginny. 

Last weekend we had a big snow - it snowed all day Friday (I wrote about my snow day here and my desire to go sledding here).  On Saturday we took Ginny out to Mom and Dad's to run around in the yard, where, in some places, they had more than a foot piled up.  This isn't Ginny's first winter, but it was her first big snow, as last year's snowfall total was lame. 

She had a great time running around, and even though the big dogs were in their run and couldn't be out with her, she still managed to find a way to play with them, too.

I'm a proud Mama.  I just love this "little" dog.  She's definitely our little princess, and even though her world is going to be rocked (mine, too, I keep telling her), she's always going to be our first baby.

Anyway, it was a riot watching the dog, and I admit, I was completely jealous I couldn't run around and play with her in the snow.  Next winter, Ginny.  Next winter.


  1. She is SO cute! Some of those pictures made me laugh out loud! Loved it- thanks for sharing her enthusiasm. :)

  2. Wow! She's having a great time out there! Makes me want to run and kick up my heels.


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