Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Taking a quick minute from the huge amount of work I'm supposed to be doing to join in with E and others for Midweek Confessions. 

- At least once a week I sit and stare at an empty blog post and will myself to come up with something funny or witty or amazing, and feel like a failure when I can't.  It's also hard not to get sucked into the super lame world of "I don't have many followers" or "no one commented on my post" sometimes.  I read blogs (like E's) and think, "what am I doing wrong?"  (Note: isn't it interesting how insecurities and the need to be "liked," even in cyberspace, still pervades our very cores?  I'm a pretty confident in-real life person, so it's silly that I want blog-world acknowledgement.  God's working with me on this.)

- I didn't really watch the Superbowl at all, and not even the commercials, because I was working at the kitchen table.  But I pretended I was watching.  I did, however, totally watch Madonna during half-time.  I did get slightly irritated when Husband's pre-teen "cousin" said that Madonna was trying to be like Lady Gaga.  Umm, no.  And I absolutely loved my friend's Facebook post that said, "Gaga's grandma is KILLING it!"  (A compliment, by the way, in case you didn't know.)

- I totally took a donut at the staff breakfast this morning and then decided I wanted a bagel instead, so I made sure everyone knew I took the donut by accident and offered it around since I didn't want it.  I then, in the privacy of my classroom, scarfed down the donut anyway.  And the bagel.  And then a banana.

- I have a Student Council retreat this weekend (which I'm looking forward to), but I'm still only half-way planned for it and haven't even begun to get the supplies gathered/bought.  Tomorrow night's gonna result in a long shopping trip, since of course, tonight I'm not even sure what I will need to buy since I haven't finished planning yet.

These next two are kind of awkward-but-so-funny to me pregnancy related things, so feel free to skip them if you want. :)

- I was late to a meeting this morning because I had to go to the bathroom and make sure it didn't look like I'd peed my pants - because the reality was that I sort of had...  Upon entering my classroom I sneezed... and being 7 months pregnant, I sneeze-peed a little.  So awkward, yet so hilarious.

- I have started calling Life Savers Peppermints "Cervixes," because at birth class on Monday, the teacher had us all suck on LifeSavers and then described to us that what was happening to the mint would happen to our cervixes during labor (a.k.a. the thinning of effacement and the widening of dilation).  I have a bowl of "cervixes" on my desk, and yes, I have called them that with one or two select students who would appreciate the joke.  Husband and I wondered what it means if you're the type of person who bites the peppermint in half instead of letting it melt.

Seriously, I just shared that.  More seriously, I do that.  Please don't judge me or leave grossed out comments, lol - despite the fact that I also confessed I'm a comment-glutton.

Happy Wednesday, and may your confessions be as refreshing and fun for you to share as I feel about mine.


  1. Ha! i'll never look at Lifesavers the same again.

  2. I am NOT a fan of Madonna's new song. It sounds like it should be from the early 80's. Other than that dumb song and MIA, I really liked Madonna's half time show, especially Cee-Lo during Like A Prayer.

    I'm the activities director/leadership teacher for my middle school and I frequent the 24 hour walmart a lot for team building games the night before (or the morning of)

    Have a great day!

  3. Lol at the lifesavers! I've never heard of using them for that explanation! Have fun at your retreat!

  4. Haha, Beth... you make me laugh.

  5. I'm following and reading!!!

    And I'm also never eating lifesavers again... lol

  6. Biting....maybe emergency c-section? I'm not wishing ill upon you!


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