Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Sneak Peek...

Thirteen days until the Peanut's Due Date

Four more days of work
(thank goodness for Spring Break!)

8 hours of Parent/Teacher Conferences

Several more work things to do if possible

As many hours to sleep as I can fit in

A few more things to dust and vacuum

Some quality friend and family time if possible

Many hours spent pondering and praying about motherhood


An unknown amount of time until all my lists become irrelvant
and it simply becomes time to Go.


  1. I don't the pondering and praying is going to be over in about 13 days...Just sayin'... :)

    1. Ha, well, true. That part of the list won't be irrelevant, but extremely relevant. :)

  2. Sweet nursery sneak peek. Two weeks. Wow! That's so exciting. It will be go time before you know it.

  3. Oh, I loovve the monkeys! How sweet! Enjoy all these wonderful days of excitement and anticipation!

  4. I love the sneak peek, but mostly love and miss you! I'll be praying for you, Husband, and Baby C!


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