Friday, April 8, 2011

Five- Minute Friday

Okay, it's going to be a two-post day.  I had already written my post on "What I'd Really Tell you Over Coffee" to link up with the Girls over at Home Sanctuary when I saw Lisa's Five-Minute Friday topic, "If You Met Me."  I didn't think just linking to my long post would be fair, so I'm double-posting today. 

You should read both. :)

If You Met Me.....


You would see that, while I'm not old, I'm starting to have crinkley-wrinkleys around my eyes and mouth, and that I like them, because they are from smiling.  I love to laugh and smile and be happy, all of which happen from spending time with people. 

You would find out how much I love teaching, and how I feel like it's my ministry, even though it's not "Ministry."  If I could teach a class just about life, I would do it in a heartbeat.  I love talking with students about their lives and learning with them the tools to live successfully (not the world's definition of success, by the way) and joyfully.  That's why I teach leadership and life skills in Student Council and why I love pow-wows and tangents about the World and life in Spanish.

You would know that I love Husband, and that we are working on being our grown-up selves and learning from the One, and that we're excited about the growth and stretching He's having us do.  And that we're going to start trying to have kids and that it's scary (see other post from today).

And you'd know that I'm busy, but that I hate the word busy, because it means almost nothing in today's society.  And that I am working on trying to find balance and margin.


That was fun.  I'll have to remember 5-Minute Fridays from now on!


  1. The best lines are the ones from laughing, I agree! I saw a commercial last night for some anti-aging product, and it had this creepy lady with super "bouncy" youthful skin and I just looked at my Hubby and we both agreed nobody has bouncy skin like that, and it's just plain wrong. LOL!

  2. Stopping over from 5 Minute Fridays ... so glad you joined in! Yes, teaching is a ministry. I know from being a former teacher, but I know even better now that I'm a mom. Teachers who care and love and lead are few and far between. God has put these students in your class for a purpose, and He wants to use you! I'm sure you know it ... preaching to the choir, but just want you to 'know' it. You matter, and what you're doing matters. Keep at it! We need more teachers like you!

  3. I am SOOOOOOO proud of you! Since I feel like I live across the world from you just keep me in the loop with baby news please :) You are in my prayers BIG TIME! Love ya.

    (and I think you do teach a class about life just by showing kids you care about theirs)


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