Friday, November 11, 2011

30 Thankful Days - Day 11

Linking up with my friend Dawn and others at Dawn's Good Life to celebrate the things we are thankful for this month.  Head on over there to read and to share your own thoughts, too.

Wednesday and Thursday were both pretty fast-moving days with little to no time to blog, so today I'm going to be thankful for three things.

Thankful Thing #9:

I am particularly thankful that today is Friday.  This, for some reason, felt like a long and full week, even though it by far was not one of the busiest weeks I've had recently.  Granted, we are in the middle of our major food drive, and this year's StuCo is being AMAZING and working so hard to get things done, and we did have a massive dodgeball tournament last night, and today we have our Veteran's Day assembly.... but it really hasn't been that busy.  Still, I woke up very tired this morning, starting to feel a little like I'm getting a cold, and with a large pile of papers to grade that I neglected during the course of the week.  I'm so thankful for Friday, and so thankful that tonight I have some freedom in what I choose to do (stay home, go to the football game, whatever!) and that this weekend, minus a breakfast date tomorrow morning and something in the evening, the majority of the weekend is mine to rest, read, and get all those papers graded.  I'm not saying I had a bad or even a hugely busy week, but I'm tired. 

So thank the good Lord for Fridays.

Thankful Thing #10:
Where I live.

I just love living here.  It's beautiful and makes me happy.  This morning these were the views I was blessed to see on my drive to work- forgive the not great quality of the pictures - for some, I was pulled over in the parking lot at Starbucks (getting my Friday Gingerbread Latte!!!!!) and for some, I stopped in a turn lane while no one was behind me. 

Oh, lovely place I live.

Thankful Thing #11:
BGD Day.

Wednesday, you may have read, was BGD Day, or as I was calling it, Boy, Girl, or Dead Day.  Husband and I headed over to the doctor's office for the first appointment of the day and met with the ultrasound tech to have our "Fetal Anatomay Survey."   I was pretty nervous, because I am crazy, but Husband was calm and happy and just a faithful stable presence.

You may have guessed it, but Baby C was not dead.  Right away the tech showed me the heartbeat to allay my fears.  My sense of relief was intense, although almost immediately followed by "so what is wrong with him/her?"  We had a laugh about that, because the tech (who was so nice and friendly) was telling us just moments before that many women (including herself, when she was pregnant) go through those same emotions.  It was ironic how quickly I switched gears, but this fear was much less great than the previous. 

Baby C was facing my back most of the time, so we never got a great shot of the profile, but she was able to clearly tell two things from the very-detailed and thorough ultrasound:

Thing 1: Baby C, so far, looks wonderful, is growing in all the right ways in all the right places, and appears to be very healthy.  Yeay!  When the doctor looked at all the data afterword, she was very encouraging also. 

Thing 2:

Husband is very excited. I found this picture of him (it's actually when he climbed his 1st 14-er this summer) and thought it was just perfect. 

I'm excited, too.  I had decided on Tuesday that he was probably a boy, so I wasn't too surprised.  I have always sort of imagined me as having girls, since I just have one sister and my two closest cousins are also girls, but I think I'll figure the boy thing out.  Eventually.

I'm really thankful that my son (oh my goodness) is healthy, alive, and growing.  I'm thankful for a doctor who told me I can come in any time I want to listen to the heartbeat.  I'm thankful for a husband who supports me through all my crazy and loves me and our son (still weird!) more than most anything.

Oh, thankfulness abounds.


  1. You are cracking me up with your craziness...glad your doc is so wonderful and that you can alleviate your fears whenever you need. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I'm so excited for you AND YOUR SON!!! I got to congratulate Nona yesterday too - she's pretty cute. :)


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