Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 Thankful Days: Day 30

This is the first time in at least a couple of weeks I've blogged two days in a row.   Most of my other 30 Days posts had multiple days worth of thankfulness in them.  But, seeing as today is the last day of November, I figured I should post today, and not tomorrow!

Join up with us at Dawn's Good Life.  It's encouraging.

Thankful Thing #30:
Movement and Butterflies.

Statement:  More and more I can feel the little Peanut moving!
Interpretation of my actual thoughts: He's alive, after all!

Seriously, though, the last few days have resulted in a significant increase of me feeling him moving around in there, which is exciting and extremely bizarre all at the same time.  I know now that, over the last several weeks, some of what I thought might be movement probably wasn't, and that some of it was actually him moving.

I mean, if this isn't him moving around a lot, then there is seriously something funky going on with me.  :)

What a bizzare feeling, a little baby moving, don't you think?  Butterflies doesn't quite explain it.  It's not quite bubbles either.  Or even poking or prodding.  It's just.... weird.

But so cool.

Husband has been trying really hard to feel it, but it's too unpredictable just yet.  Even when his hand is on my belly and I feel baby move, he can't.  He says it's because the Peanut loves me more already.  I'm pretty sure that it's just because Peanut really isn't that big yet, but it's happening to me, so I feel it.  But sometimes I tell Husband he's probably right.  I mean, who wouldn't love me more? :) 

(Lest you think I'm serious, I'm not.  Of course Husband is as equally loveable as I am.)

Speaking of hands on the belly, I just have one word.


This is private property, folks.  Perhaps, with permission, I might let someone touch the belly.  But don't dare just walk up and touch it, unless you're looking for some drama.  My sister-in-law told me that my belly was going to be public property within a few weeks.  Husband looked at her and said quite frankly, "well, then in a few weeks, Beth has free reign to start hitting people."  LOVE that man.  :)

Anyway, I'm thankful for movement.  It makes me feel funny and a little mushy, which is not my normal me.  It's been all I can do to not stop class and say "hang on, baby's moving!"  So far I've persevered and not made any movement announcements, lol, but I can make no promises for the future.

Here's to the Peanut! 

I'll probably do a pregnancy update this week, just for those of you who like to see the belly.  Strange people that you are. :)

And to many more reasons to be thankful, even though we may not blog about them as often.  And a special thanks to Dawn for hosting this thankful linky all month long.  Love you D!


  1. Yay! So exciting! Eventually it will feel more like an alien who wants to get out! :0) And eventually hubby will be able to see it move no less feel it. Some of the best parts of pregnancy...the bonding just keeps getting deeper. Love it, weird as it is. Can't wait to meet your little guy...but I will gladly wait until he's done cooking. :0)

  2. Yay for movement! I just think that is the coolest thing ever. :)


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