Monday, May 10, 2010

10 Things on the 10th

Thought this was so fun that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to join in! Blogging with Meredith and others over at Life at 7000 Feet to share 10 things I'm diving into right now.

1. End of the year lesson plans. Our seniors get out this week, but our underclassmen have an uncharacteristic 2 weeks beyond that, so I'm writing rubrics for a new, super-cool, fun, and real-life assessment project to take the place of our normal written final exam. The planning is the hardest part- the projects will be so fun!

2. Working on things for LIFE 2010. LIFE is a big youth conference our denomination puts on every three years. My job is to serve as teh VIP Coordinator- I'm organizing all the bands and speakers' itineraries now and will just hang out with them and do hospitality in July.

3. Trying to eat healthy without a kitchen. Got to the point where I had had too much Taco Bell and needed to cut it out- it's hard to plan healthy meals when we're kitchenless, but I'm sure as heck trying! I just feel better when I'm not full of grease. I know, weird, right?

4. A Puzzle. Husband and I had some time to ourselves last night and didn't want to just watch a movie, so we pulled out a 1000 piece Coca Cola puzzle we got for Christmas and started it (while watching a movie of course). We got the edges all the way done and started on the middle. Good times!

5. Dreaming. Does that count as something I'm diving into? Because I really am diving into dreaming- I'm dreaming about what my house will be like when everything is put back together- I'm dreaming about getting to re-organize things just to put it back together- I'm dreaming of new countertops- I'm dreaming about gardening and plants and flowers and beauty. Someday soon, I hope!

6. Psalm-reading. I had originally intended to read a Psalm a day, but life has been life and I'm not quite at that pace- but it's been really great. God always has something say in the Psalms, you know? I'm finding it life-breathing.

7. Chocolate-covered raisins. I've recently rediscovered that I love chocolate-covered raisins. They're delicious. Ordinarily I hate raisins- at least, I hate them when they're in anything else, but mmmm they're yummy when covered in chocolate.

8. Pandora Radio. I know it's been around for a while, but seriously, it's my new favorite music source. I put in a song or artist I like and then have a whole playlist of music that perfectly fits my mood. If you haven't tried it yet, do it.

9. Exercise. This is towards the bottom of my list- I'm not exactly diving in, but I'm really trying to get back into a semi-regular routine. I love a good run and, since I have an un-natural fear of being the jiggly-arm teacher, lifting weights is a beautiful thing.

10. Being outside. I'm taking every opportunity I can get to be outside- hard to do when daylight hours mostly occur during the school day and when the weatherman predicts snow for the middle of May- but I am trying. I love the sun. Now don't get me wrong, I am a burn-in-two-seconds kind of a girl, so sunscreen it is, but the sunshine just makes me happy.


  1. That list makes me tired just looking at it.

    We remodeled our kitchen recently and I had the same problem. Good luck!

  2. Just had to say my daddy used to buy my daughter chocolate covered raisins when my mama would keep her for me while I worked. Rebekah LOVED them. To this day anytime I see or taste a chocolate covered raisin, I see a little girl with her cheeks full and chocolate all over her hands and mouth. You took me back about 20 years.

  3. I could not live that long without my kitchen. Hope everything is fixed up quickly!!!

  4. And now I'm craving chocolate-covered raisins!

    I love that you guys are working a puzzle together! What a great idea! I bought a little table to go in the corner of our living room with the thought that we could keep a "puzzle in progress" on it at all times. We haven't really done that but you've encouraged me to get one started. It's so easy to visit while you're working together on the puzzle.

  5. I should try the "Psalm a Day" idea. I could really use some diving into the Word right about now!

  6. I'm not a chocolate fan so I opt for yogurt-covered raisins and I think they're delicious!

    I love puzzles. I forget to pull the out though. I believe you have inspired me!

    Enjoy your sunshine! I'm hoping we see the sun again soon. It's COLD and dreary here today.


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