Friday, May 28, 2010

The One Where I Catch Up

Chiming in at the end of the coffee day- but in my book, it's always time for coffee. (Although, right now, I'm actually drinking a nice cold white grape peach and seltzer combo. Delicious and super refreshing!

Anyway, this will be the post where I catch up - it's been a few weeks at least since I've joined you. The end of the school year is always busy, but this one has seemed to be particularly so, making it hard to find time to catch my breath (or blog).

First, do you remember this post, where I told you how Husband and I were going to start a facelift on our kitchen? Or this one, where I showed you some of our progress? (Click on the post to read more about it and see more pictures.)
Or do you recall when the sink leaked under the floor and our kitchen remodel went to a new level, leaving us without a kitchen for over a month? And when the cabinets were in the living room, living us with no space anywhere?

Well, we're nearly done! We've got cabinets, countertops (new! so pretty!), a gorgeous sink, and wood-like floors! All that's left are the details- toe kicks, a few more pulls, etc. Yeay. We added a little extra counter and got a couple bar stools..... I'm in heaven, truly.
Oh, I just looked at the clock, and I really wanted to share a beautiful Psalm I read this morning and how inspired it was, but I have to go get a loaf of yummy crusty bread and take it to my sassy friend Carly's house for a girls' night in dinner. If you feel curious, check back in with me tomorrow and I'll tell you about this inspiring Psalm.

Happy Friday!


  1. I'm so glad that everything is pretty much fixed up now. Enjoy your dinner, and I'll be back for that Psalm.

  2. Love the kitchen!! Please share the Psalm.

    Ironic: it just rained here and the ceiling fan in my son's room rained down water into his floor. Dormers are for the birds. Now it's time to get them off our roof.

  3. yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!! this looks so wonderful! i'm excited to be there soon!!

  4. That looks beautiful! I'm definitely not 100% happy with the kitchen in our rental, but I've learned never to take it for granted!

    I'm cherishing all the counter space I have :-)

  5. Bethy, this looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


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