Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Full Plate

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No, this post isn't really discussing the benefits of a fruit in your diet. Nor does it delve into the discussion often heard regarding the American over-eating tradition. Sadly, I won't be sharing any scrumptious recipes or my favorite ways to prepare food.

I simply wanted to say that I have a full plate right now. (Figuratively, of course.)

A woman at church asked me the other day if school was winding down for the semester. I giggled.

Winding down? laugh snort!

High school revs up to the craziest and fastest it's been all year and then screeches to a halt the last day leaving all in a heap on the ground hoping that they will be able to get back up before the next school year begins. Its go go go do this be there organize that grade this are your students prepared can you come to my graduation party what can I do to get my grade up finals are coming did you get them graded yet. (Lack of punctuation is intentional- I think it demonstrates how breathless this time of year leaves me.)

And, despite the chaos, I love it.

I love all the end of the year activities going on and the chance to honor and recognize students for their hard work.

I love seeing kids shine as they get prepared for summer.

I love getting my grading actually done and knowing that there will be no more for at least two months.

It's a full time, but it's a good time.

And that is the gift I choose to unwrap today.

P.S. Want an idea of my schedule? Let me just share a little- yes, I realize, this comes across as whining, but it's not.... I do love it. I just have to keep my head above water! Tomorrow night we have our Student Council Induction- about 100 parents, siblings, students eating dinner, honoring the present StuCo and swearing in the new group. Organizing this has taken me many hours, and I'm still going- I've been getting kids from past years (going back to 2006) to send me letters to honor my co-sponsor, who is leaving our school- so we want to send him off well, too. Next week gets crazier. Tuesday is Senior Awards night (usually at least 3 hours long). Wendesday is a Senior Sunset/yearbook signing event. Friday we host a dance for the incoming freshmen. Saturday is our day long End of Year Retreat where we say goodbye to this Council. The week after that we have our Senior Finals and then an assembly symbolically kicking them out and everyone moving up a class. We have graduation. We have to prepare for finals for underclassmen and then give them. We have to get all our grades done and rooms ready for summer. And between now and then, I'm still supposed to be teaching and working on some stuff for abig conference I'm working at this summer. Told you, it's a full plate!


  1. You aren't lying! Keep running the race. You'll finish strong.

  2. What a wonderful commitment you have made to help young people. It must take lots of energy to keep up with highschoolers!

    Have a beautiful day!

  3. you've got a full plate all year long, bethie. now you're just taking second and third helpings:) love you!

  4. you forgot about VBS games...just kidding! I love you and no one keeps their head above water better than you girl...hang in there!


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