Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bye Bye Christmas Decor, Hello Lovely House

Don't get me wrong. My house was very lovely with all my Christmas decorations.  In fact, it was downright the best I've done yet.  I wanted to stay home every day and just stay in my Christmas house.

Alas, Christmas is officially over, and, with a semi-free Saturday, I knew it was time.  Time to pack up the ornaments, take down the lights and the garlands, put away all the cute Christmas knick-knacks.  But when I put away Christmas last year, I was faced with what felt like a very bleak and blah living room.  (Isn't it interesting how I didn't realize that until after Christmas went away and after I started reading blogs like the Nester's? - my eyes were opened.)  It was so blah, in fact, that my husband went to Home Depot unprompted and came home with paint and painted a wall.  (Which, incidentally, I thought I would hate, but love.)

This year I knew I would feel the same way after Christmas, despite my still-painted wall.  So I had a plan.  I had a Pottery Barn gift card and a few Hobby Lobby gift cards and, before I even started packing up Christmas, picked up a few pieces that made me excited to arrange.

This morning I got up and started packing.  Within a few hours, Christmas was back in the storage closet and I had dusted and vacuumed the living room and dining room.  Next came the arranging.  I got rid of an ugly arm chair (Husband took it to Goodwill) and I rearranged things on my mantle and shelves.  I tided the kitchen and made the main floor neat and clean. 

After dinner you better believe I'll be sitting on my sofa in my fun living room, not missing my Christmas decorations at all.  Until about October, of course, when I'll start wishing for them again.

Oh, and why are there no pictures?  Because Husband is at the grocery store and the camera is in his truck.  Pictures to come soon!


  1. I bet it is CUTE! You have good taste, and I can't wait to see it. Put up some pics, please... :)

  2. Hi Beth! Thanks so much for stopping by Living Graciously, and for your sweet comments! I was reading your profile, and we simply MUST be friends! Our movie fav.s are so very can judge a lot by the movie a person likes! ;-) lol - Anyway, I was inspired by your post as I haven't taken Christmas down yet, and as you said, I always have a down feeling about my house post holiday decorations, but now I'm totally excited about finding a new piece or two to decorate with and do some rearranging. So nice to meet you!

  3. I'm the opposite. When the decorations come down I LOVE the emptiness. I guess that means I have too much stuff, huh?

    Did I miss how your kitchen turned out?


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