Friday, January 14, 2011

Coffee Company and More

Starbucks Caramel Macciato in hand (it's what I drink in the off-season of the Gingerbread Latte when I still have gift-card money left over from Christmas), I am ready to blog.  I have a lot of stuff in my head and in my heart, which means inevitably this will be a post full of randoms.  Ready?

This week has been full. 

We're back in the swing of things at school, and I'm really trying hard to stay on top of things (and already falling behind), but also to make sure that the way I'm teaching is better. 

I haven't been sleeping that well, mostly to the fact that Husband has been working nights and crawls into bed at about 4, right before I get up at about 5:15, and the weird dreams I've been having.  Last night's was an odd mixture of mostly good, kind of weird, and a little unsettling, but.... I re-wrote the ending to make it all good in my head.

Last week I heard that a former youth group kid of ours, Brad, who had a muscular condition that affected his respiratory system and more, was in the hospital and things weren't looking great.  Wednesday we heard first that they'd removed the breathing tubes and, shortly thereafter, Brad went to be with his Jesus.  Both my good friend Dawn and I posted for him, if you'd care to read.  The service will be Tuesday, and I expect it to be just as much a celebration as anything, since Brad is finally healed.
Husband goes away with the youth group today for the long weekend for our annual retreat.  (A few years ago this retreat was one where we had some of our favorite memories with Brad.)  It's the first time in seven years I won't be going, but because I have offiically stepped down as a leader at this point (you know, I was trying to create some balance in my life), it makes sense that I am not included.  I cried, and let's just be honest: I'm going to have to pray that God will remove my feelings of jealousy.  A few weeks ago I was on the phone with my friend Brooke telling her about how disappointed I was and how, to top it all off, it meant that I would be home alone for three nights and almost four days.  Joking, I suggested she drive up from Texas for a visit.
A few days later she called to say she was coming!  I expect to get a text sometime this morning to say she's on the road and then, this evening, she'll be here!  Brooke is my best friend from college.  We haven't lived in the same place for 6 and half years, but she's just one of those friends, you know?  It's going to be great, and I think I probably won't remember that I'm missing the retreat.
I was just reading Rachel Anne's Small Thing about Starting Over.  I love how each morning it can be as if God gives us a Restart button.  What happened yesterday is gone, and today is a new day.  I'm a fairly stubborn person, so sometimes I cling to what is and insist that I can make it work..... but to restart- well, sometimes something even better can come from that.  I've seen it many times, yet I still cling.  Oh, sinful stubborness.

Don't worry, I'm nearing the end of my ramblings.  Husband came home the other night with a belated Christmas present for me - a Nikon Coolpix camera.  I think I've mentioned in about 100 comments (okay, slight exaggeration) on other's blogs in recent weeks that I want to get a pocket-sized camera I can have with me at all times, because I'm always missing out on pictures I see and want to take.  Wish granted!

I haven't had the chance to take many great pictures, but last night Husband and I went to my new favorite "fast-food" restaurant, Garbanzos, to have a little mini date night before he left for the weekend.  They're not great photos, and I look awful,  but, in the interest of sharing, here you go.

an unassuming building filled with scrumptiousness inside.

oops, forgot to unzoom from earlier, and we were walking.

Hmm.  Not my best picture ever, but I was excited!

Husband going in for his first bite - he wasn't sure what he was going to think, but he ended up liking it!
 My pita and falafal. 
Turns out my camera has a food setting, but I didn't discover that until after I had eaten every last bite.

 A quick shot of us by the Garbanzo beans as we walked out.

Just for fun, Ginny when we got home.

Happy Friday from a Rambling Beth.  


  1. How fun to have a new camera. I'm trying to be patient...

    When you noted that "Brad is finally healed," I was moved. I have been studying Isaiah 35 this week, and look forward to the day when all of us are made completely whole. Thanks for sharing with us today.

  2. I love your ramblings! I have been thinnking the same about a smaller camera to carry...maybe I need to start hinting! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Ha! I love all your pocket camera pictures! I forget to bring my camera and when I do I either forget it or it has dead batteries...I am so hopeless! Have fun visiting with your friend, sounds like fun! And I am sorry for your loss, but so blessed that his homegoing will be a celebration! How precious to have that hope!

  4. Oh, Beth, you are just going to love your new camera. I got the Coolpix S8000 3 months ago and it stays in my purse and I never miss a "picture moment" now. I just could not carry my big Nikon everywhere with ease and I am loving this little one. And, it takes the BEST pictures!

    Enjoy your "girlfriend time" this week-end, so glad it worked out that your friend could come.

    Have a memory making good time!

  5. I enjoyed your ramblings. I wish my ramblings sounded so nicely worded! Good job. Though I just commented on someone else's blog that I am envious & happy for them for their digital SLR camera; I am the same with your camera, too. The quick, point & shoot camera that you can always have with you. I am rejoicing with you as well for your new gift. I guess I am camera-wishing these days.

  6. Hi Beth! Sounds like you have a WONDERFUL weekend coming up! Have fun with your friend visiting! I'm sure that will make the hubby's absence more easy to bear.- I've never heard of a Garbanzos. Sounds delish though. Talk to ya again soon girl!

  7. I want to come back and read some of the posts you wrote, but I simply must go clean the bathrooms right now (fun, fun!). I'm really sorry for your loss. Grief is so stinkin' hard. But, I hope you have a fabulous time with your friend! Also, I followed you on Skinny B's, but I don't think you've posted over there in awhile. So, I'm going to unfollow there and follow you here. Okay?

  8. I'm sorry about the young's always difficult when the young pass on....oh, I wish i had a little camera...I told hubby a year or so ago that I wanted a camera He had one already...but I wanted one of my own...well, he misunderstood and got one for 'both' of us ...but he picked it out and I still struggle with understanding it! A little one sounds good to me!

  9. Hey--on your recommendation my mom and I enjoyed a late lunch at Garbanzos today. I really liked it, and plan to take Dave!

    Loved your letter to Brad. :)

    Congrats on the camera, and have fun with Brooke!

  10. It is so sad when a young life is loss, but yes, he is someplace much better. I'm glad your friend will be able to be there for you at this time. Thanks for sharing your photos. You know how we are with taking photos. =p Have a restful weekend if you can.

  11. I hope you had a great time with your friend. We are moving in June, but my husband goes before us in March. So for four months I will only see him on the weekends. I am not looking forward to it, but I am looking forward to a new adventure for our family once we are all together again.


  12. I LOVE Falafel! And love you - great to see you today. I'm glad you could come.


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