Tuesday, January 4, 2011

For Edie, a friend I didn't know until today

This morning I got up earlier than I meant to, but now I know why.  I decided that, with the extra minutes I had, I would dive back into blogland, a place I haven't truly been in months.  I myself haven't blogged much at all for a semester, but I can't remember the last time I read others or commented.

But this morning, I read.  And several of my blog friends were posting for Edie, on her birthday. 

Curious, I went to Edie's blog. 

life in grace

A few of her friends hijacked her blog and wrote a post inviting all and any who have been touched by Edie and her blog to share some love with her today.  By now you're catching on to the fact that I have never read Edie, so it's a bit illogical that I am writing a post for her.

I went back a few posts on Edie's blog.  And then a few more. And before I knew it, several minutes had gone by, I had read several of her posts, and I was almost in tears.   You see, if you go back to a 10 days or so before Christmas, Edie had a beautiful post about how she was decorating her house for Christmas, how she was reading John Milton's poem, "On the Morning of Christ's Nativity," how she was thinking deeply on advent and what it meant.  Included are beautiful pictures of her mantle in her lovely home.  Then there's a post on award winning (and most likely, extremely bad for my resolution to eat healthy) fudge.  A few more posts mixed with what is clearly Edie's style - light hearted blended with deeply thoughtful. 

And then the first post, where her friends posted a prayer, and stated that all of Edie's family was safe.

Because Edie's house, the Tuesday before Christmas, burned down to the ground, completely.  Then I read the post where Edie talked about the journey of that week, and of Christmas, and I couldn't believe it.  For Edie, who is most certainly heartbroken, shaken, and overwhelmed, continued to make clear that she serves and loves a God in whom she believes whole-heartedly, One who protected them, even the dogs, and One who will continue to provide.  And I cried. 

Today is Edie's birthday.  And although I just "met" her today, I could not help but to post a birthday tribute, because, in one half an hour, my life is already changed by reading her stories. 

May this year be what it needs to be, Edie.  May you and your family continue to find healing, and provision, and may the Lord who is merciful and full of grace make His face shine upon you, so that you may know His deep and everlasting love and peace.

Happy Birthday.


  1. I have been reading Edie for a while, and loved her kitchen redo--often showing dave the cabinet color she chose as a favorite color for me these days. Like you, blog-reading has fallen by the wayside these last few months, so I was shocked a few days ago to read of Edie's tragic loss of her house. You've left her a beautiful tribute, Beth. I hope these tributes encourage the deepest part of her heart. These "puzzle pieces" can surely be redeemed as well. Love you.

  2. you sound like me...I went back and read the entire blog...I could not stop...What an amazing lady....Love your blog and your blog design is GREAT....

  3. Hi Beth!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! And like the ladies above, I too fell into Edie's blog and became an avid reader the day I found out about her tragedy. Lovely tribute to her :)

    And, glad to hear I'm not the only one with an crazy dreaming husband! And you should definitely quote Harry Potter! Haha! I love that scene in the movie/book :) In fact, the Hubs and I are having a Harry Potter movie marathon this weekend! I'll think of you when I hear that quote :) Have a great weekend!


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