Friday, January 28, 2011

A Weekend Wish

My head and heart are full as I quickly sit down to write this morning before I head off to work.

Yesterday was a big day.  We had the privilege of having director Tom Shadyac and several of the prodcuers of his film "I AM" come to our Student Council class when we combined with one of my co-workers classes to see one of her incredible lessons on people and genocide and what each of us can do in other's lives.  Then last night I attended the only high school screening of the film.  You know who he is, right?   The guy who directed Bruce Almighty, Liar Liar, Ace Ventura, The Nutty Professor..... To sum it up, Tom had a near death experience and realized there was something wrong with the picture he was living in, and set off with film crew to ask today's most prominent minds in science, philosophy, and religion two questions "What is wrong with the world?" and "What can we do about it?"  The film chronicles his journey and his findings, and, full of sciency stuff that was actually really interesting, resulted in these thoughts: People are meant to be connected and compassionate.  What's wrong with the world?  I am.  What can we do about it?  Believe in the power of one.  Desmond Tutu in the film says that we are all just drops of water that when put together, form the sea.  Small acts of compassion and connectedness can lead to big things.

Wow.  Yes, Tom Shadyac.  I am with you.  **

Today I leave for our Student Council Retreat.  These, by the way, are my kids.  They are incredible.

And somehow I planned a retreat that basically Tom Shadyac just kicked off for us.  Somehow makes sense, I guess, since these ideas are essential in good leaders.  We're going to be talking about how leaders have to be committed to take the road less traveled sometimes, how we have to know ourselves and be confident in ourselves to be able to take that road.  We'll learn about needing heart and logic as leaders (which the science showed in the movie to be true), and talk about the distractions that meet us on the way.  Lastly we'll talk about how the small things can make all the difference, especially if you have a team of people on your side.

I'm excited.  I'm tired and it hasn't even started yet.  I didn't make it to bed before 11 any night this week, and I didn't even come home until after 10 the last two nights (yes, I was at school from 6:30 am to at least 10 pm).  But I love these things, and I am continuously affirmed that working with these kids is what God wants me to do.  See, I can't talk to them about God, but I can teach them indirectly. I can teach them to do life well and model for them what I really mean, and hope that somehow the seed is planted.  And I can have fun doing it!

Pray for us this weekend, if you get the chance.  My mind is turning the ideas of the film and the retreat around and around and loving some and getting stuck on some - knowing that, fearing that some kids (and some adults) will miss the Reason we're all connected and need to show compassion and love one another.  Still, I believe in the concepts, and my reason doesn't have to be made public there, it just needs to show in my actions.

May your Friday and weekend be thoughtfillled and blessed.

** Disclaimer** There were several scientific concepts that I want to do more research on, because they didn't seem contradictory to anything I believe in, but without furthure information, I couldn't be sure.  I'll be interested to hear your thoughts if you get to see the movie when it comes to theaters soon.


  1. Wow...I totally didn't know who he was until you told us! Sounds super interesting. I know the retreat will be amazing. Wish I could send my budding student leader! I look forward to seeing the movie, hadn't even heard about it until now!

  2. I'll be praying for your retreat and the ideas you'll be sharing with those future leaders.

  3. Amazing! I'll pray for you this weekend -- and you are so right -- even if you can't speak the words Jesus Christ, you can still live as He did.

  4. I am intrigued about this movie. It sounds great to watch it and discuss it. I love that sort of thing. My curiosity is certainly piqued. I hope your weekend goes well. Sounds like a rewarding time to be investing in young people and planting seeds for leadership and hopefully for life eternal! Have a great weekend. I look forward to reading more about it.

  5. Sometimes we speak louder when our voices are silent. I'll be praying for your retreat - they do look like a great bunch of kids!


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