Friday, September 9, 2011

5 Minutes on a Homecoming Friday

Today we're supposed to write about connecting in real life.  Well, today is Friday of our Homecoming week, which means in about two hours, the whole school will traipse upstairs to our gymnasium-converted-theater for our Homecoming Assembly, a big deal with games, costumes, and props, all put together by my wonderful Student Council kids.

This week, more than even a normal week, they are with whom I am connecting.  They are this group of 45 amazing, talented, super involved, passionate teenagers who are desperate to make this school a place where people feel welcome.  I've spent hours talking and listening as they figure out how to try to engage people, how to reach the unreached, how to get people to laugh and enjoy being at school.  Then hours as they detail their lives, their over-committed, complicated, high-pressure lives, and try to learn how to find balance and joy in all the things they do. 

It's these students that are my mission - not necessarily an evangelical mission, since I'm a public school teacher - but my mission nonetheless.  They are passionate about all they do, and I am passionate about them and their growth as people.   I feel called every day to be here with them, giving of my time and my life to spend with them. 

And I learn more from them than they know.

And now, my five minutes are up, and I have to go upstairs anyway to get ready for this big dang deal of an assembly.  More to come from me another day when Homecoming is over and I've gotten some sleep.

May your day be full of real connections!


  1. awesome. LIke sait francis of assisi said "go into the world and preach the gospel...use words if necessary"

    you are making changes. just because you are there. You change the atmosphere. You go girl!

  2. Awesome that your calling is the kids! That you know this and give to them all of you! A daunting and noble job. Blessings to you! Enjoy Homecoming.


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