Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mad as a Hatter

It's Homecoming Week at our school, and today is Mad Hatter Day.  Turns out Husband has like two or three of this style of hat in a "keepsake" box in the basement.  Apparently, he says, he was a nerd.   Either way, it worked out for me as I got to borrow this ridiculous hat.  I can't teach in it, though - it distracts even me.

Homecoming Week is early this year, a mixed blessing.  We've been working our tails off in Student Council (I have an AMAZING group of students this year, I can't even begin to tell you), but when it's over, we'll have most of the semester to still do some amazing things.  If you don't remember, our StuCo is a class that does a lot to develop leadership in our members, as well as serves the school in many different ways, events being one of them.

Our theme this year is Through the Looking Glass.  We're combining the book, the Disney movie, and the new-ish Johnny Depp version as our sources of inspiration.  Each spirit day focuses on something from the movie - Mad Hatter Monday, Quarrel of the Queens Wednesday (upperclassmen in white, lowerclassmen in red), Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee Thursday (twin day).  Regular school spirit day on Friday. 

This afternoon we have our Powder Puff football game - the girls are all proudly sporting their jerseys.  One poor girl wanted hers to say "C-Rock" as her nickname, but due to illegible handwriting, says "C-Rack."  At least it doesn't say DD, was all I could think.  (ha.  Sorry, that was a little bad of me to actually write.)  We have official officials so no one can say the game was rigged so that seniors would win.... but they will.

After the game we'll head over to where the bonfire is set up to take place.  We're shooting for no rain tonight, even though it's predicted.  Join me in saying a little no-rain prayer, please, because we'd have to cancel the bonfire completely, with no chance of rescheduling.  Why students like to stand around a large fire and listen to music and talk I've never understood.  Oh wait, it's because it's like out of a movie, the epitome of being young.

Thursday night we'll come to set up our assembly.  Stages, decorations, and sound system will be brought to the gym as we change it from a basketball court to a theater.

We'll put on a huge assembly on Friday, complete with props and acts, and then announce our royalty winners on the red carpet at the Homecoming football game halftime show.  They'll ride in on golf carts, receive roses, sashes, and be escorted out onto the field.

Saturday we'll show up bright and early to start transforming our cafeteria and gym into Wonderland.  We'll use props, gossamer, and glitter.  So much gossamer and glitter.   The DJ and his massive light and sound system will come in at about 5:30 to set up, and then, after re-hanging a few fallen down decorations, I'll wait for students to come and ooh and ahh over how nice it looks.  Of course, there will be a few grumblers, but I'll ignore them.  Sometime after midnight (more like 1), I'll fall into my bed with visions of decorations, dancers, and dresses in my head.

Oh, Homecoming Week.  Love it, but it's clear why Mad Hatter Day fits me well.


  1. I had no idea you'd be SO cute in a hat like that! Well done:)

  2. You are SO dedicated!!! I saw the C-Rack girl.... I thought she was a crack head and couldn't believe that name got approved! Ha ha! These kids (all of them) are lucky to have you as our STUCO sponsor :)

  3. Loves this! Student Gov was my LIFE in high school and reading about Homecoming brings back so many memories of planning and pulling off our week - from bonfires to powderpuff. Sponsors like you are so essential to pulling off these amazing events we students remember well into college!

  4. What a great theme! I love that hat on you, by the way.


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