Friday, September 16, 2011

On my Mind

There's a lot.  And I can't write it all, especially because my students are about to walk through the door and I have to switch gears to vocabulary games on a Friday (because grammar rules would just even be too much for me.)

I'm thinking about the future, and what it holds.  A lot of things.

I'm thinking about living now, on the journey, and not just looking for the destination.

I'm thinking about Sara and her journey Home, and how so many people have, even just today, been impacted by her life, and her challenge to choose joy.

I'm thinking about priorities.  I just read a post that created an acronym for joy: Jesus, Others, You.  And thought how I live a little like Others, You (as in me), Jesus, and how that should probably change.  Okay, not probably, definitely.

There's more.  But the students just started walking in, so... more from me soon.


  1. Hey Lady. Catching up with you while Ethan is taking a break.

    JOY - Reminds me of my friend Joy who loved that ancronym and did a good job living it in her short 26 years.

    Sara has me thinking of all the sweet ones I've loved in this life who have made it home.

    Blessings to you today.

  2. I too am SO sad about Sara. But then it feels a little guilty to be sad when you know that she is standing at the entrance of heaven... that's a happy thing. so inspired by her. so reflective...


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