Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Breeze of Fresh Air

It's been hot here.  I mean, not Arizona hot, but hot.  We've had more than 30 days with temperatures over 90 degrees, a record for us.  And in a house with no AC, well, it's been hot.  One day earlier this summer I noticed that my thermostat read 85 degrees.... and it was still cooler indoors than out. 

It was almost a relief to go back to school, because my classroom is notoriously freezing - I've worn a sweater inside nearly every day and taken it off as I leave the building and get into my hot hot hot car.  Most people I've talked to, even the warm-weather loves, are ready for a change.  It's just been too much!  You throw open all the windows in the evening and get the fans going, hoping to circulate the cooler air outside into the house.  It works some, but when you wake up in the morning, it's still warm.  You've completely kicked off the covers in your sleep.  The temperature is already quickly rising.

When I woke up on Saturday, though, I was chilly.  And when I got out of bed, I was cold.  The temperature had dropped significantly and it was windy and chilly outside.  With jeans, a t-shirt, a hoodie on I ventured outside at about 9 to run some errands, and relished the goosebumps accompanying the fresh, chilly air.  All day it stayed cool.  My dad, sister and I went to our first football game of the season (go Air Force!), and inside the stadium, with the breeze diminished, we shed our jackets and basked in warmth, but didn't melt.

It was as if fall was peeking it's head around the corner, letting us know it will soon be coming, bringing all of my favorite, lovely things with it.

This morning it was again refreshingly chilly when we woke up.  When I realized the temperature was only supposed to be about 70, I put my skirt back in the closet and put on a pair of dressy jeans and a sweater to head to church.  Lovely.  Heavenly.  Joy-bringing. 

I just needed that chilly, fresh air to clear out my senses and the feeling of staleness in my house that comes with teh heat, you know?  It's refreshing, and almost healing, in a way, to feel the crisp breeze through the window even as I type. 

God is always, always reminding me of His ways, it seems.  I could explain what I mean, but I think you get it. 

Sometimes you just need that breeze, that breath, of fresh air.


  1. I've been loving it too, Beth! I love Fall, and this is the first hint of it. I was ready!

  2. Great post, well-written and lovely imagery. I'd love to be there! Thanks for the Arizona mention:) Anything above 85 is too hot in my book, so I totally hear you. And with no A/C I'm really not even sure how you slept for those 30+ days. My hubby would have been tossing and turning for a month. I'm glad you got your break and Fall's introduction. Lucky for us today we felt a teeny, Arizona-proportion cool front. Our run at Saguaro, instead of being insanely hot and sun-singing-skin was all cloud cover, rain in the distance, and slightly "cool" breezes around 75 degrees. I haven't seen anything like it in months, and it was a most welcome retreat! Love to you!


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