Friday, December 9, 2011

23 Weeks....

None of these pictures are great.  I tried and tried and tried, and made myself late to work the other morning, kicking off a frazzled day.  But you get the picture. (oh, punny!)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 23-ish Weeks

Size and Health of Baby: The Peanut is about 11 inches long, according to all the science, and as of Wednesday's doctor's visit, weights about 1 pound.  (Too bad I've gained lots more than 1 pound, ha!).  Apparently, that's the weight of a large mango.  Doctor said his little heartbeat sounded just awesome and that he's moving just the right amount (which I now feel more often, yeay!!!)

Maternity Clothes: Sigh.  I gave in, but mostly, I feel good about it now.  I definitely cried in the store while trying them on - I am not totally sure why it was so rough, but it was.  My sister and I were laughing yesterday about how we kicked her out of the store because she held up a pair of elastic jeans and started laughing.  Not the best timing. :)  But it's good now.  I have a few pairs of actual slacks that I can wear to work to be a little more professional, and they are SO comfy.  And I have several tops that I'm getting accustomed to wearing.  Let's face it - I'm not a huge fan of the belly, but it's growing on me. (ha!  again with the punny!)  

Gender: We now know that the Peanut is a little BOY, which is crazy!  Husband is pretty dang excited, as you can imagine.  I'm working on wrapping my head around that, still.  I check out all the baby boys and little boys I see and imagine what mine will be like.  We haven't figured out anything like decorating or nursery stuff for him, yet, but we're thinking a little.   Anything really fun and boy-y that you'd like to share with me?

Movement: My new favorite thing.  It almost makes me mushy, which is not the normal.  Sometimes he totally surprises me and I barely can contain myself from saying something or wiggling around myself.  Husband has been able to feel the Peanut move a little more.  It makes it more real for both of us.  It's not all the time, but more and more.   Between that and hearing his little heartbeat at the doctor, it might not be long before I'm a mess of mush, lol.

Sleep: Rough sometimes, but sometimes okay.  When my back hurts, I really like to sleep flat, but I'm trying to use the body pillow to help myself stay off of it more.  I don't know how I could sleep without that body pillow some nights, some nights I don't need it, and some nights, nothing is going to help.  For a while I could still pull off sleeping partly on my stomach (like half sideways), but that's out now.  Peanut kicks me for squishing him and won't stop until I roll over.  I don't blame him. 

Cravings and Eating: Still doing pretty well in this area.  Perhaps it's that I've always craved salty food that means I still do... but I'm actually exercising self-control most of the time.  I need to up my fruit and veggie intake, but a lot of veggies mess with my tummy.  I could stand to drink more water.  Worst things I eat (but that I've always loved, so I don't know that they count as cravings): Taco Bell.  Chips.  M&Ms.  Cheese.  I have my gestational diabetes test at my next doctor's appointment.  I'm really hoping it's a non-issue.

What I miss: Balance.  I've always been a klutz.  I'd hoped I would grow out of it as I matured, but no.  I've always been the person to trip, to drop things, to run into something that's always been there (like a wall).  But it's been worse recently.  I've broken two cups, a glass candle holder, a plate, and maybe something else in the last two weeks alone. 

I also miss being comfortable sometimes, which I know is going to just get worse.

Symptoms: The indigestion is much better, thank goodness, especially when I'm careful of what I eat.  (Thanksgiving, not so good.)  My belly is clearly expanding, if you want to call that a symptom.  I'm congested lots, but that's no big deal.  And.... if you really want to know... well, let's just say I've bought some nursing bra inserts.  Apparently that's a sign I'll make lots of milk, something I've NEVER thought about before in my life.  Ha.  How embarassing, but better than the alternative embarrasment!

Things People Say: "Enjoy this part.  It's all really hard after this."  That was my favorite "encouraging" comment EVER.  Gee, thanks.  "Mrs. C, I didn't realize that you were going to get that big."  Fantastic.   And I'm not even to the largest part yet.   "You are such a cute preggers!"  Nice, but I don't really want to be called a "preggers," thank you.

But, to be fair, lots of people say lots of really nice things and do really nice things.  Yesterday a woman who works in the office (and I was her TA when I was in high school) brought me a cute little blue stuffed owl she found at a craft fair.  Lots of moms have told me that they loved having little boys, and that their relationship is something special.  Several people have commiserated that being pregnant wasn't always their most favorite part, which is nice to hear so I don't feel like the abnormal non-mushy Scrooge of pregnant women.  And people are genuinely excited for us.

Best Moment(s) This Week: Hearing is little heartbeat on Wednesday and feeling him move.  It's reassuring, it's real, and it's simulatenously amazing and terrifying.

Linking up today with some Coffee Company friends.  Don't worry.  I definitely have my decaf Gingerbread Latte in hand.


  1. you look great! and you will appreciate having the maternity pants as you grow...i know they seem weird at first though!

  2. Yay for a boy! I love the list. The pictures are fine and you look great. I'll be praying for you and the little peanut.

  3. I stare at your picture and think: That's my Beth, and that's Beth's baby. Wow. Wow, God is amazing! I love hearing all the tidbits about what life is like for you now, the good and the not-so-good. Your transparency inspires. It's one of my favorite things about you; your willingness to be really real. It's beautiful and so are you. I realize you don't always feel it -I will probably feel the same way some day- but you really are beautiful. Thank you so much for letting us all join you on this journey by way of your blog. You are simultaneously adorable, lovely, elegant and huggable. You haven't labeled me as such aloud yet, but you're right in your thinking...I really am such a mush! Love you!

  4. You look great! My sister just welcomed her little boy on the 25th of November.

  5. You do look great!! And for the record, I was not good at being pregnant. A lot of it was not that fun for me! But the heartbeat and feeling the peanut move...that was magical. Hang in there! Praying it goes well.

  6. I agree, you look great! I look young for my age, so I always had problems with strangers thinking that I was a teenager that had gotten herself "knocked up". I received lots of glares and overheard many a negative conversation. I thought about going up to them and matter of factly stating how long I had been married and that my husband is in the ministry, and preaching them a sermon on judgment, but somehow I don't think I would have conveyed a God=honoring message in so doing ;-)

    You could go off the owl for the nursery theme... our son has an owl themed nursery. Stick-on wall decals are your friend... I can't tell you how meany folks thought his picture was painted on the wall.
    Were you hoping for a girl? I have to admit, I was all about girls. Before my older daughter was born (and before other life stuff happened kind of altering our pre-parenthood child planning), I always said that I wanted one of each, but if I had 2 boys I would have to try again for a girl. But if I had 2 girls I wouldn't feel like I needed to try for a boy. Our second child is a boy, and OH MY GOODNESS what fun he is! Boys may be (generally speaking) more of a handful in the destruction department, but they are much less of a handful in the DRAMA department! He gets over things so much more quickly than my girl does. I am so glad that God saw fit to give us a boy too! In fact now if I were to do it again, in theory, I wouldn't care either way but I would probably have a little more preference for another boy. They are just less maintenance lol.

  7. Precious! My "favorite" comment the last time around was, "When are you due?" and then, with a look of utter shock, "There is NO WAY you will make it that long!" Incidentally, I was 4 days late and that was only due to induction!

    Now, for encouragement,I can't necessarily say to enjoy this time...but savor it. It will be gone in a moment!

  8. Don't people have the most interesting comments to say to you when you're pregnant? Hope no strangers have started touching your belly. That happened to be when I went to have my haircut before my older one was born. Very odd. Anyhow, you're more than halfway there!! Yay!

  9. LOVE the pictures! Love you too. :)


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