Friday, February 26, 2010

Thoughts on my Mind with No Time to Write

Wishing I was really joining up for Coffee Company today, but I'll just be straight forward. I'm blogging to tell you I can't blog today. (Is that a bit ridiculous or what?)

Regardless, I have lots of thoughts I'm wanting to blog about, including things like identity, names and labels, purpose, etc..... but today, I simply can't. Maybe you can stop back another time somtime Sunday to see if I've gotten a chance to breathe and blog?

(And, if you're wondering why I'm skipping out this morning, here's why. You know I'm a Student Council Advisor at my school. In the fall, we do Homecoming. In the "spring," we do Sadie's. This week is Sadie's week, which means we have spirit days, evening activities, a big assembly, and a big dance. I've worn PJs to school, all pink, brought a stuffed animal. Last night we were here till about 10:30 having an event called Peach Fuzz (boys volleyball) and then setting up for the big assembly. This morning our 1500 students will go to the gym and enter "a Wild Wild Nest Show" (we're the Eagles), an assembly with singing, dancing, entertainment, recognition. Tonight I'll be here from 5 - 9 at Mr. PC, where 10 boys will be answering interview questions, wearing formal wear, swimwear, a costume, and performing a talent. I'll be back at 8 am until around 1 or 2 to set up for the big dance, and then back from 8 - midnight for the dance itself and clean up.)

Hopefully, I'll get to visit some of you on Sunday or Monday, and since my head is full of thoughts to blog, I'll try to write them soon, too. Feel free to visit me in a few days to see what I'm thinking!

Happy Friday!

Oh and P.S. The morning I needed to be out the door at 6 am (today), my car wouldn't start, and Husband was already on the road to work with his boss in the car.... so my dad had to come get me and bring me to work. Love the flexible dad who still drives his 27 year old daughter to work. :)


  1. I love you--busy girl. Bought you some mini-eggs last night. :)

  2. Well, you may have other thoughts saved for later, but I rather enjoyed this post! :)

    Hopefully you will have time later this weekend to post some of those other thoughts roaming around in your brain.

    Have a good one!

  3. I love that you took the time to blog that you couldn't blog today... it made me laugh because I'm the same way! LOL

    Hope you catch your breath at some point today to just enjoy life!

  4. That was quite a post to tell us you didn't have time to post! It sounds like you are really busy but with a lot of fun things. Will try to stop back over the weekend or maybe on Monday. Have a good weekend.

  5. Popped over from Rachel Anne's place at Company Girl. I do so love it that you blogged to tell us that you were not going to blog. Sounds so much like something I would do.


  6. haha My dad is taking us to Costco tomorrow. =p Love it! Hope it was a fun time and you'll have a restful weekend.

  7. good luck with all the events! hope you have some time to breathe a little


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