Monday, February 22, 2010

A Typical Night In

On a typical school night, you'll find me sitting here, on the floor of our living room, with the TV on for background noise, the computer open to the online gradebook, and papers to grade in front of me. Lately Husband has been gone most nights I'm home, so I've been doing decently at working while he's gone to try to maximez the rest of our time together.

I'm thankful I have a home to sit in as I do my work. My hand-me-down furniture is comfortable and meets my needs just fine. (See that table in the background? It used to be yucky and faded, but Husband re-stained it and now it's bea-u-tiful.)

I'm thankful for TV Husband and I saved up for. It isn't the biggest TV out there and we don't have tevo or dvr or anything, but I am able to sit and watch almost anything I want while I grade. On the TV tonight- Figure Skating (but of course the pictures shows the commentators and not the skating).

I'm thankful for the grading I have in front of me, because it means I have a job. And the papers in front of me are more than papers; they represent my students, whom I love working with, even though sometimes they're pains.

It would be easy to be grumbly about how I have work to do or how Husband isn't home or how our things are all old, but it's much more fun to find the good in those things, don't you think?

Just started a study on Ruth with a girl I'm "discipling." First major thing I've gotten from it:

We can trust God's provision even when times are tough and money is tight.

Amen to that!

Hoping you're finding ways to make turn the grumblies into happies today!

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P.S. Will you join me and others in praying for little Layla Grace today? The thing about her mom's post today that struck me most is that she writes, "I’ve spent all this time praying for her to be healed. AND SHE WILL BE. It just might not be in the way I want. Within a few short days, one way or another, Layla will be healed and absolutely perfect." Pray with me.


  1. grumblies into happies...that's the plan over here. Loved your post, you are choosing well. Love you.

  2. I certainly say "amen" to that! The Lord always provides in ways that only He could! :)

  3. I just finished a study on ruth. so great, way to sum it up!

  4. I think I need to go to Ruth this afternoon and have a little quiet time. Thanks for sharing. Going to turn some grumblies into happiness.

  5. Amen Sister! Great post.

    God Bless

  6. Hi Beth! I was so excited to see your comment over at my place today. Thanks for visiting.

    Your words are so encouraging today. I needed those--thanks!

  7. Those are awesome things to be thankful for! {Praying for precious Layla Grace.}


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