Thursday, January 12, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Okay, well, I started this yesterday, and then ran out of time, so.... I suppose my first confession is that I'm cheating and linking up a day late.

1. I am seriously considering bypassing my healthy lunch (leftovers) in favor of buying Cheetos from the vending machine.  Chances are, I'll give in any minute now and go get a bag of them, even if I still eat my lunch.   (And yes, I did.)

2. I will later complain about how fat I feel, despite the fact that I made the choice to eat Cheetos as a part of my lunch, instead of not eathing them and finding an apple, instead.  (I didn't complain about it, knowing I had written that I would, lol.)

3. I have been eating and drinking way too much sugar recently (oh, holidays and my love for creamy, sweet coffee), but fortunately, I never heard back after my first glucose-screening test, so I assume I'm doing fine with the glucose processing.  I am working on cutting down on the coffee and cream in my sugar, and today maybe I'll try to limit myself to two pieces of chocolate.

4. I am blatantly wishing that somehow we would have a snow day tomorrow (even though there is no snow predicted, just cold), so I could have a four day weekend.  Then I could do some things for baby stuff and feel guilt-free about it.

5.  I don't shower every day.  Sometimes I go three days without showering.  It's good for my hair, you know?  I never get greasy hair because of it.  Usually you can't tell at all.... but there are days I push it and hope I'm dressed cutely enough that no one will notice. 

6.  I have an extreme penchant for all things salty.  Put a bag of chips in front of me, and if you're not careful, I'll eat the whole thing right then.  Normally I don't let myself buy them for that reason, because I'm a compulsive snacker at times.  Pregnancy has been my excuse to buy them weekly.  I should probably stop that.

7. I like teaching SO much that I don't want to turn over my classes to anyone else.  If I could be a supermom and somehow manage figuring out how to survive no-sleep and delivery recovery, I would try coming in and teaching, newborn with me.  (Note.  Of course I know that when I actually have the baby, I won't feel that way.) 

8.  I get ridiculously excited about things like someone bringing me a cup of unexpected Starbucks, Cadbury Mini-eggs, the first Christmas lights I see.  I don't think the same word, excited, really can have anything to do with how I feel about becoming a mom.  More from me on this later.

As my students walk in (class begins in one minute), I realize I have the choice to post now or just scrap this altogether.  :)  So there you have me, for today, on a few things I'd like to confess.

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  1. You're so cute...especially how you are cutting down on the coffee and cream in your sugar:) Gotta love pregnant brain!


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