Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weirdest Dream Ever.

Had to share this dream, it was so bizarre to me.

I was at school, in my classroom, and my mom was there, too, logically.  We'd just sat down at the front of the room, getting ready to teach, I suppose.  I have this tall chair I got over break to sit in once in a while to get off my feet, so I was seated there, with Mom nearby.

The baby was kicking ferociously, and we could see the outline of his little feet pushing through my belly.  Suddenly, he crawled out of my stomach (through my belly button, I imagine?), curled up, and settled down right on top of my baby bump.  Completely naked, no more than 3 or 4 inches long, perfectly formed, and still connected to me through the umbilical cord, a baby curled up on top of my belly.  Curled up into the tiniest little ball, just like our dog does when she's sleeping.

And we thought this was totally normal.

Still, we told him to go back inside, because it wasn't time yet.  So back into the womb he went, and life went on.

Weird, right? 

Husband's reaction?  "It sounds like a little Voldemort baby on your tummy."  (Referencing the last Harry Potter movie where we see this weird, baby-like thing of Voldemort, of those of you who don't know.)

My friend's reaction?  "Sounds like a Kangaroo.  You should name him Joey."

Husband's reaction to my friend's reaction?  "Let's call him Roo from now on!"  And then a discussion about what Winnie-the-Pooh stuffed animals we had as children.

My family's reaction?  They just laughed at me.  And then we got into a discussion regarding how big the Peanut (or Roo, apparently) actually is - which is approximated to be 14 inches completely stretched out.  This resulted in Husband showing how long he thought 14 inches was, my sister thinking his estimate was too big and getting a ruler to test him, my mom getting up and looking at his hands and guessing Husband was holding up 15 inches, my sister only being able to find a 6-inch ruler, my dad going to get the yard stick to measure and discovering that Husband was holding his hands 15 inches apart, and my mom nodding with satisfaction at how correct her guess was.


Oh, baby dreams, how strange you can be sometimes.  Baby, we're not quite ready for you, but we're excited. 


  1. Hey I have crazy dreams all the time! Nothing to be worried about. ONly start worrying when you cant tell what are the dreams and what are the realities.

    I love ya hope you are doin good

  2. Love it. The whole thing--especially the ruler/yardstick fiasco.

    And Kangaroo? What kind of friend is that???? :0)

  3. We loved Roo around here. I'm like your mom with the measuring without a ruler thing. Makes my boys mad sometimes. ;) Here's to dreamless sleep for at least a couple of weeks!

  4. I LOVE your family! Totally laughed out loud at that last part of the story. HA!


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