Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On My Immediate Family

I've got family on the brain.... which you would expect, I think.  The last few weeks have been full of immediate family-related things.  I spent MLK Day cleaning out closets and making room for baby things.  Husband painted the nursery.  Furniture started to arrive (and be promptly assembled).  We started to organize some of the things people have already given us in the nursery.  We spent this last weekend out of town, just the two of us.  We went to our first Childbirth Education class last night.  And, of course, there is this constantly kicking baby who reminds me I'm never alone.


For most of my life, family has meant my indescribably amazing mom, my wonderful, caring dad, my best friend sister.  Grandparents who were here for us all the time, an aunt, uncle, and two cousins who are "our people."  In the last several years, it's grown to include Husband, obviously.  His family has, over time, become part of my family, too.  His mom, dad, sister.  Grandmas, aunts, uncles, cousins.

But recently, I've just been considering my immediate family, which, somehow, no longer includes my mom, dad, and sister.  My immediate family is my husband, my dog, my baby boy.  I crave time spent with them, especially with Husband.  I pray ferverently that God would transform me into a wife and mother after His own heart.  I recognize that yes, He has placed in me in the roles of sister, daughter, teacher, friend, and I cherish and honor those roles and love them.  But He's also given me the role of wife and mother, and those just might be the most important things I ever do. 

How very un-feminist and un-independent of me, don't you think?  Particulary for this very independent woman who loves (and I mean LOVES) her job and always wants to be a teacher, wants to work, wants to be connected to students, knowing with full confidence that God has put me here, at this school, with these kids, for a very specific reason, and feeling sure that teaching life is a large part of my purpose. 

But if I had had the choice to stay home this morning with my husband and my dog, I would have taken it.  I love being with my family.  I always have, but recently it's different.  I am more thoughtful about it.  We are more intentional.  More fun.  More serious.  More together. 

My husband, my dog, my son-to-be.  I love them.  My family.

And seriously, could you blame me?

How could I not love my adorable, handsome husband, who, over the weekend, laughed with me, got me out of a funk, knew what I needed, cherished me.  Took me here, even though bookstores aren't as much his favorite as mine.

This amazing Husband, who was so excited to assemble the changing table when it came that, despite the fact he wasn't done painting yet and couldn't move it upstairs, assembled it right in the middle of our living room.

He even read the directions.

How could I not love this dog, who wants to be included in whatever we are doing, but has her own ways of entertaining herself.

What, Mom?  What are you looking at?

How could I not want to spend time with this man?  Husband and I at Panera the first morning of our weekend "getaway." We were totally distracted by the man who was taking coffee mugs out of the dirty dishes and getting coffee and stealing the pre-packaged pastries when he thought no one was looking.

Family.  I'm loving it, with all it's many changes, with all the ups and downs.  May God continue to work in my heart to transform me from the woman I have been to the woman, the wife, the mother (and yes, still the daughter, sister, friend, teacher) He me to be.

And may my family, and yours, find blessing and joy in times together.


  1. Bethy! I am so excited for you...four!! :) I can´t wait to meet the little guy. This post made me just smile! I love you and am thinking of you all often!

  2. Yes, Yes, Congratulations on your baby boy (now that I know about him - duh). How beautiful and special to be so in love with your husband (and, it is obvious - the feelings are mutual), but - - - WHEN DID YOU GET THE PUPPY??!!??

  3. Congrats! That's exciting news and I'm happy for you! And I think that's Tattered Covers, in LoDo, right? My husband's favorite place EVER. :)

    I mostly hike at Fox Run, Spruce Mountain, and the Santa Fe Trail (either to Palmer Lake from Monument, or from Baptist to the USAFA). I love the Incline and Ute Valley Park but I live up north so I have to trek a bit to get there. I did the Palmer Lake reservoir hike on Tuesday and it was slicker than snot. LOTS of ice up there. Yuck!


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