Friday, April 23, 2010

Coffee Company 4.23

Hello, Company Girls. It's Friday (thank the Lord!) and time for us all to take a minute to breathe and catch up with one another. Let me just say that I, for one, continue to cherish the community the bloggie world provides- especially this community of women who uphold and encourage each other. I love the way a post can make me giggle or tear up, depending on what you're sharing. Here's to our friendship! And to being Company Girls!

This has been a week. A couple of weeks, I guess. Both Husband and I have been running around working, planning things, dealing with the stress of the house situation. It's just been exhausting. But God has been good in reminding us of Him. I've explained it to you before- I'm the type of girl who needs the house to have some semblance of order if I am going to have peace of mind. But that is so far out of my control right now (with the kitchen being torn out, and all) that it just doesn't even get to me. The other day Husband was mentioning that he was losing it because of the mess, and he couldn't understand how I, of all people, wasn't having a near meltdown.

"I guess it's because there's nothing I can do about it, so it's not worth getting bothered."

Even as I heard myself saying the words, I realized that the same truth applied to some things I've been dealing with at work- not student wise- never student wise. I love teaching and I love being in my classroom with my kids. It's the rest of the junk, the politics, that gets to me. But I realized- there's nothing I can do about them, so I need not get all upset and bothered. That perspective shift helped- and although the politcky junk was still going on at work, I felt much more able to deal with it and just focus on doing what I love.

That same perspective was forced to come back into play last night. I can't share the details of what is going on right now, because they aren't mine to tell, but I can say that we were on our knees praying for some family while trying to deal with our own hearts on the subject. Today we've learned that what appears to be an emotional rollercoaster has begun, but I'm hoping we can cling to the remembrance that when it's out of our control, we are free to let God be God and to keep moving forward. As I've been thinking about the situation, I began to see how, in several different ways, God was preparing our hearts, especially Husband's, for this. He's very faithful.

Anyway, although I should be working and teaching today (and I did have a few important things going on at work), here's who I'm hanging out with today:
Aren't they beautiful? Darcy and Georgie- Siberian Huskies our family rescued from the Humane Society about three years ago. I don't get to spend that much time with them, since they live at Mom and Dad's, but today, I'm hanging with them at their house.

And here's why:

I woke up to a phone call about a 2 hour delay, that, an hour later, became a snow day. Although it was coming down a lot at our house, the snow was only accumulating on surfaces other than the roads (since it's been warm), but here in the forest, well, you can see...

Since some of our students come from this very neighborhood, I guess it makes sense to cancel school!
The biggest bummer is that my mom, a choir teacher, had their big spring concert tonight, and when school's cancelled, so are all the activities. It doesn't make that much sense, since it's almost a guaranteed fact that by this evening, the roads will only be wet. It's pretty crummy- they've worked for months to be cancelled with no assurance that rescheduling is possible.
I guess, though, if everyone's house looked like this, it would make sense to have a snow day!
Of course this means we'll be going to school to who knows when! Oh Colorado, you're the only state I know who is sunny and warm one day and then has an unexpected snow day the next. And on April 23rd, no less. Sigh.
Well, I think it's about time for another cup of coffee. Think I'll put on a good movie and grade some tests and enjoy a respite from everything else.


  1. Oh my goodness, look at that snow!!! I don't think I would survive there, haha. Your huskies are beautiful. I love red and white ones, they are such neat dogs!

  2. Beth, I just love your blog! And, I'm with you on your opening comments about the "blogging community." I began blogging mainly for my children, wanting them to have some written memories of me one day. But, it has turned into so much more. I've met such wonderful Christian sisters and am blessed by so many blogs that I read, yours being one of them. And, do remember that God is bigger than any issue we ever face and HE is totally able to see us through. Peace and comfort to you as you face this situation. Blessings abundant!

  3. Snow? Wow. We planted our garden yesterday.

    My son spotted your huskies. He loves them and has a stuffed one we bought years ago called Musher.

  4. Snow! I think I would die! How wonderful that God is giving you the ability to be calm in situations! I wish my husband could learn the same. I'm pretty laid back but he worries about EVERYTHING!

  5. Sometimes when tough times count, our attitude makes the biggest difference.

    I can't believe you guys have snow! We had some crazy rain earlier this week and a bit of hail too. But it's sooo nice outside yesterday and today. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather so my pale skin can see the light of day. =p

    Have a wonderful weekend and hope all the house stuff will be fixed up really soon.

  6. I love your blog! It's so...full? Not sure if that's the right word. I love how you find and express truth without trying too hard to be profound, like the metaphor of the kitchen fiasco applying to everyday life. It's always painfully transparent when someone's trying too hard to be "deep" but you're just real and it shows!

    Have a nice relaxing snow day!

  7. Wow - look at that snow! It really is pretty. But I must admit, I am so glad Spring has made its entrance and the weather is warming up!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. The snow is beautiful!! Kinda crazy though huh? It's 80 degrees here today.

    Love hearing how God is working in and through you! HE is so amazing! The way He shows His love for us is sometimes just beyond comprehension.

    I love this blog community too! Even though I don't blog. I appreciate Rachel and her site which has given me an opportunity to get to know some amazing women! Sometimes I wish I did blog...guess I'm just afraid of it.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  9. I cannot believe you are getting snow right now!! Sweet sweet pups are glad to be indoors!


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