Sunday, April 18, 2010

When God Speaks

There are times I feel like David, crying, "How long, God, until you speak to me?"

And then there are moments when I hear him clear as if He were sitting next to me.

Husband and I have been doing some stressing on behalf of others. We're worried about them, carrying some weight on our hearts.

And then this morning, God spoke.

Our congregation was singing Mighty to Save. I love Hillsong, but honestly, I think our congreation was rocking it more than in this video- perhaps it's just that I was really feeling it.

And it hit me.

Hello. God is Mighty to Save.

He can save.

He will save.

He is Mighty to save.

It is not my responsibility to save anyone, which is darn sure a good thing, since I can't.

But I can pray for freedom for others.

And I can trust that God can provide them with freedom, because, as I may have mentioned,

He is Mighty to Save.


  1. It is amazing when God speaks into our hearts that way :)

    Thank you so much for your support and prayers (especially your prayers)...Today, for the first time in what seems like months, I plowed through school work. Nothing big but it was definitely a good day!

  2. Yes, He is mighty to save.

    Side note: Laura Story attended college in a town near me. I was supposed to see her recently at a local church and had to change my plans. Bummer. Love her songwriting and singing.

  3. Loved this. Thanks for sharing your heart. I once heard a sermon about how our need (and the needs of others) are only limited by God's supply. Think of that, what we have need is "limited" by the Maker of the Universe's supply. And... His supply is more than we can ever imagine.

  4. That's why I love this song...He is able to save us--from anything, from ourselves, from our circumstances. He is Mighty!


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