Monday, April 5, 2010

Food and Family

Really, is there a holiday that doesn't come accompanied with food and family?

Or at least, is there a holiday that wouldn't be improved by food and family?

I can't think of one! I think that must be the "latina" in me- I can certainly claim the Italian heritage of family and food, despite my blue eyes, blond hair, and pale skin, but I have the "Spanish" in me too as a Spanish teacher. Nothing better than family time and good food to celebrate or commemorate something.

Aside- it was good to share my Grace story on Good Friday- it's a story that obviously means a lot to me, and, although summed up quite nicely in a blog post, really impacted my whole life and could be told in greater detail. Still, it was refreshing to come back after a bloggie break and share something so close to my heart.

Back to my Easter food and family day. We started the morning by heading to a nearby park for a short sunrise service with the youth group (drat, forgot to bring the camera- it was early!), followed by pancakes and bacon at a nearby church-family's house. Muffins and fruit were served at church between the first and second service, so Husband and I headed over there after stopping at home for a bit.
After church (where we had an awesome Easter sermon), we headed to my Mom and Dad's to check out our Easter baskets (yup, we still get them, despite that we're in our late 20s) and to play Sequence, our new addiction. Oh, and we listened to Grandpa play his favorite little ditty on the piano. So cute!
Husband and Sister showing how much they like each other, even though they were on different teams.
Dad playing Sequence- usually with a Chesire cat grin meaning he's going to win.
Grandpa playing the piano. Every once in a while you just hear the same little "song" being plucked out on the keys.
After a few rounds of Sequence, we went out for a scrumptious afternoon brunch/lunch/dinner with Mom, Dad, Sister, Mom-in-law, Dad-in-law and 94 year old Grandpa. Although we missed having Sis-in-law, it was fun to all be together and enjoy each other's company for the holidays. Our families only live about 20 minutes away from each other, but it's not always easy to get everyone together at the same time. I was blessed by the food and the conversation, as well as the laughter.
Love my Husband.
Probably the world's greatest dad with his pretty daughters.
Dad and Mom-in-law with their son- lucky to have them and him in my life!
Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Sister, Me, and Husband. Ages 94- 22(ish)
Me, Husband, Mom-in-law, Dad-in-law - outside trying to not blow away on a lovely but windy afternoon.
Hope your Easter was full of reminders of Christ's awesomeness, familial love, and, of course, something scrumptious.


  1. You have a beautiful family, Beth. And I come from a family with just two girls, too!

  2. what a fun time! i love sequence.

  3. glad you had such a fun day! my parents are recently addicted to sequence...I've only played once. your pictures are great, and I love grandpa's suit and tie! :)


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