Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Small Things

Have you ever noticed that it's usually the small things that really get under your skin?

At least, that's the way it is for me.

Husband's shoes left in the middle of the floor, the glass left in the living room for days, the dirty clothes literally 2 inches away from the hamper... (I know, and I don't even have kids yet- I'm in trouble). Little things often seem to really bug the heck out of me, and they can do it quite well.

Last night for example, I had to deal with this leak situation, which put me in a cranky mood, which, of course, I woke up still feeling with. Man, I was so frustrated.

But I got out my Bible and was reading (still working slowly on that read a Psalm a morning thing- I sort of fell of the wagon, but I got back on) and God was like, "Hello, Beth, it's the small things that you can be joyful about, too."

In the Message's version of Psalm 9, David writes, "I'm thanking you, God, from a full heart. I'm writing the book on your wonders. I'm whistling, laughing, and jumping for joy. I'm singing your song, High God." (vs. 1-2)

And so I drove to work, and found joy in the fox that crossed the street in front of me in a totally residential area. He was really cute- looked right at me as he trotted by.

And I was happy as I took in the really beautiful colors of a cloudy Colorado sunrise. And in the clouds themselves- there were some incredible shapes going on.

And I loved a guitar riff that was playing on the song that came on my iPod.

And in my classes, we had Pow Wows, where kids shared their lives with each other. It's incredible to see high school boys and girls listening intently to each other's stuff, both good and bad- feeling open enough to cry if they need to cry, all of us laughing together, them giving each other advice from their own experience.

And I found joy. That stupid leak is still there, and I still have to do with it, and the shoes on the floor, and all sorts of small things that will irritate me.... but how much better will it be if I remember to look for the other small things- the kind that point to God and bring me joy.

I guess that's the point of Tuesday's Unwrapped.


  1. i love the small things too... and i think we are lucky to see them. to seek them. and it makes me happy to think of the joy that a new day holds! happy seeking!

  2. You are right on. I completely understand ... I live for the small blessings in life because with 4 kids (and a somewhat messy husband) there are lots of small irritations (and a few large ones as well). Have a wonderful day!

  3. Sometimes I leave joy behind in the dust of my disappointments. God is good to renew the joy if I ask Him. So glad you are enjoying the small things.

  4. That's a great reminder. And with a friend going through eye surgery, how we take simple things like sight for granted. I definitely need to be more patient with those little things that can annoy me.


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