Monday, April 5, 2010

Weepy Faucets

Oh, the joys of owning your own home. And by joys I mean things-that-make-me-cry-because-I'm-upset-and-frustrated.

Last May I didn't realize that the outside spigot was connected to a pipe that had burst over the winter and I had the water running and running and running as I potted some plants. A few hours later I went to the basement to find standing water and a ruined wall and carpet. We had to tear up the carpet and pad and deal with that, but pipe-wise, it was just the pipe connected to the spigot. And because the only problem was that one pipe, we haven't yet gotten around to fixing it. Here you can see the dry-wall patching we did (as well as the fact that we didn't get around to making it pretty) and the hole we left for whenever we did get around to fixing the pipe.
A few weeks ago I noticed water in the under-the-kitchen-sink cabinets and saw that the garbage disposal was leaking. Husband fixed that, and life was good. This morning I started to run the dishwasher, but then saw water on the floor and stopped it. I was going to check it out later, knowing that Husband had recently unhooked it when he was painting. No big deal.

Then tonight I went down to do some laundry and noticed this on the couch.
What?! At first I thought maybe Husband had spilled something on the couch and had tried to clean it up? Or maybe our old roomie had stopped by? Or could someone have used the spigot out back and totally ignored the "do not use sign"? And then I saw this.

And this.

And you can see just how far away it is from that other leak we still haven't dealt with yet.
And I estimated it was right under where the sink is, so I came up and found water all over the bottom of the cabinets. Hence, all the stuff in the middle of the kitchen floor and a yucky-looking cabinet base.

So I called Dad-in-law, who builds houses, and got some tips on how to figure out where the heck the leak is coming from. I'm still in the process of doing that, and yes, I've already had a few tears of frustration.
Although I know the damage could be much, much worse....
Sometimes I wonder why I bought a house.


  1. Because in the end, it is worth it. Keep your eye on the prize, and the money you are saving by not renting. Besides the ability to paint whatever color you want (hello leopard print wallpaper!!!) and the huge advantage of never having someone come into your apartment while you are taking a shower, saying they need to fix something (happened to me once).
    Besides, I KNOW you will eventually paint one of your living room walls hot pink ;)

  2. Everything will be okay in the end!! Keep your chin up and smile and know that each day brings a new adventure in your life!! :)

  3. I'm glad you haven't changed the floor yet!

    That stinks, Beth. I am sorry.

    We had a leak five or more years ago that we never patched the drywall for--so we have matching basement holes. yay.

    hang in there!!

  4. I hope you figure out where it's coming from. And it could definitely be much worse.

  5. So sorry. When it rains it pours it seems. Keep your eyes on the Lord. He's teaching you something through this, my friend. I'll pray it will all be resolved soon. You'll look back on this one day and laugh. I promise.

  6. Sounds like husband and his dad should work on fixing it while you and I go for coffee or ice cream (or whatever)! At least you found this leak before it got REALLY bad! Love ya! :)
    Your M.I.L.


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