Friday, January 15, 2010

High Altitude Awesomeness

Good morning, ladies! Now that I'm back to "real life," my coffee company time is minutes stolen between classes..... but I always look forward to catching up with you on how your weeks have been!

Sadly, this week I'll have to wait until Monday night to really get a chance to "chat." I'll be joining 6 other adults and 49 students at our church at about 5 this afternoon to head up into the mountains for our youth group's annual retreat, High Altitude.
I doubt there will be this much snow there right now (it's been warm the last few days- in the 40s!) , but this is indeed a mountain in the background we might see - and we'd defintely see the trees.

I haven't been working with the youth group as much as I used to because I took Sunday nights (when they have regular meetings) off to work on grad school. I still went to special events and had the girls over for dinner once a month (a tradition called Taco Tuesday), but it's been different not being there every week. I'm not sure I feel called to go back to being a full-time sponsor, but I do LOVE the kids and know I want to stay involved in the youth ministry at our church in some way.

This weekend (from about 5 today till about 12 on Monday) will be spent hanging out with the kids, having chapel and worship, leading fun little ice-breakers throughout the trip, playing indoor, outdoor, and everywhere else games, drinking lots of coffee at breakfast to energize me from the late nights, growing, praying, singing, laughing, talking, and lots of other -ings, and much more. Should be fun!
If you think of it, I have a few prayer requests.

1. that our kids would make connections with the Lord and with each other
2. that their faith would be strengenthed for coming back to a world determined to weaken it
3. that they would get out of their comfort zones and learn to love each other
4. that sponsors would be able to be intentional with the kids
5. that we would be healthy (we've had lots of issues with illness on retreats)
6. that we would be safe

Hope your weekend is as incredible as I know mine is going to be!


  1. You know I'm praying. And wishing I was going with you...have a BLAST.

  2. I am praying for you guys! Thanks for the specific requests! Have a great time!

  3. that looks beautiful! I hope it's a successful weekend

  4. Praying! Sounds like a lot of fun.

  5. What a lovely view... Praying for you too!

  6. Praying your trip is productive and FUN!

  7. sounds like an exciting weekend.

  8. Sounds like a fun trip. I hope your weekend is a great one.


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