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You know, it's beginning to be one of my favorite things to do to link up with you coffee company girls, knowing that we're all part of a family, drinking our coffee/tea/hot chocolate/diet Coke, encouraging each other, and almost being a part of each other's lives. Last week I didn't get a chance to comment on anyone's blogs, so I'm determined that, even if it's not until a few days later, I'm going to leave some bloggie comments to my bloggie friends.
Anyway, this has been a long week. I'm pretty emotionally and physically spent this morning, and I'm trying to write this before my students come in all in a panic (see number 2)....oh wait, too late, one just got here. (Literally, as I was typing that I wanted to write before they got here, one walked in..... oh and here comes another one.) Back to my point. It's been really hard to get up in the mornings, because I think things have been so busy (busy busy busy) and there was a particularly hard day and our house is in chaos that I am just exhuasted. But I have to get up and get to school early, because my students are coming in every free minute of my day (back to number 2). So I'm beat, and I have never been more thankful for Friday.

But, before I tell you a few things that have been going on, let me focus on something incredible.

I always have the radio on in the mornings, but I don't really pay attention to the words of the songs- in fact, I often just sing what I want as a prayer to the tune of whatever song is on. This morning though, I was too tired to do anything but drive and try not to get in an accident on my icy drive to work. But through the fog that was my mind, I heard a clip of a song - actually heard it. And here's what I remembered.
Hallelujah. I will sing to lift You up forever. You are my King.

New favorite, although no idea what the song is, or what the tune is, or who wrote it.

Anyway, here's my life.

1. Both last Wednesday and Thursday and this Wednesday and Thursday saw me not going home from 6:30 am - 9 pm because I had meetings after school and then had to be here for 8th grade night, Choice night, Acoustic Cafe, and Lyrical Lounge (as the Student Council sponsor). All of it was fun, but it's hard to be here (at school) that much.

2. Literally every free minute of my days at school this week has been taken up with students. It's my own fault really, because I gave them what I call a "No-fault Quiz." This was a quiz given on the first day of the semester as a review of the major grammar concepts from first semester- and the deal was they have to get a 100% or they get a 0, but they could take it four times a day until the end of January. It worked out to 41 opportunites to get a 100%. But, as is normal, most of them waited until the last few days to re-take.... and so they have swarmed my classroom before school, during Seminar (a free period), at both lunches (my only planning period), and after school. Today is the last day, thank goodness.

3. I had a really hard day on Tuesday. An angry mother called and hurled accusations from years past - the things that were said were mean, hurtful, and often crazy sounding. What triggered the call was a minor detail, but she took the opportunity to vent everything she had apparently been holding onto for years. I managed myself pretty well, I think- was calm and listened and didn't try to defend myself- she wouldn't have heard it- but I did try to make clear that I enjoy having her son in class. Afterwards, my administrators told me she'd pretty much earned herself a reputation as a crazy and that I shouldn't listen to her and if she ever called me again, to hang up and let them deal with it. Sigh, what a relief. That didn't stop me from bawling my eyes out and going home and putting on pjs and just crashing.

4. Kitchen progress is under way. It's exciting, but it's a disaster, and with how busy I've been, the disaster has crept into other parts of the house. (I won't show you those pictures, though!)
A few pictures of the mess getting worse...

And a few pictures of things getting a little bit better...

5. We have small group tonight, which is a good thing, but this last week held a few a surprises with that, as well. I'm looking forward to spending some time with friends and hearing a new friend's story, but I wonder how or if we'll talk about any of the other things. And I'll have to try to stay awake.... but they usually don't mind if I'm drowsy.

Okay, that's it for me! (It's only taken me a few hours to get this post done from start to finish, with student interruptions and a class to teach.)

May you have a blessed week, and let's remember to sing to our King.


  1. Oh, Beth, bless your heart! I hope the week-end will be a time of rest and relaxation for you. I hope and pray that the Mother that "lit into you" will see that the difference in the two of you is your devotion to Him. Keep that "song in your heart."

  2. Blessings to you Beth! And, my prayer is that the Mother that "chewed" you out saw the Light of Christ in you and that it will convict her heart. Your project looks like it's coming along. May you have a refreshing and renewing week-end. This is my first visit to your blog and I'll definitely be back!

  3. I don't know how teachers do it - really - you are an inspiration to us all. It seems like you never have any "down time" during the day. You are always "on call" and it's remarkable how you do it with grace. Thanks for serving our students like this. You are appreciated!

  4. Hey...I can picture the cabinets now. :) They look great! and you guys are making serious progress. AWESOME! Love you.

  5. Being a teacher is TOUGH! But it can be so rewarding.

    I hope you have a restful weekend.

  6. Your kitchen looks awesome! I hope next week is better for you. You're such a generous teacher, with that no fault quiz!!

  7. Beth,

    Get some REST! Wow! I am tired just reading through your week! Don't worry about the mad mama...sounds like you handled yourself well. I am sorry to hear though that she said such hurtful things, it is so difficult to unhear that stuff once it is spouted! Have a better weekend!

  8. oh man.. dealing with crazy parents is probably the biggest reason I am not a teacher. I'm sorry her words hurt you, even though she's just, you know, crazy. I would be hurt too.

  9. Man, what a crazy week! I hope you are able to take it easy now that the re-takes are done with. You deserve it. Sorry you had to deal with that angry mom. Sometimes there are other things in their life you may not know one parent that my sister (she teaches K) kept bringing up issues that was happening in class with the kid, and it turned out that the parents were going through a divorce. But it's never nice to be at the receiving end of the anger. I'm glad administration is on your side. Looks like the kitchen is coming along. Have a restful weekend if you can.

  10. looking good, bethie! i'm excited to see it all when i come in june. oh, by the way, can i come visit in june:) mucho love-o!

  11. The kitchen is going to look fabulous!! And I hope this next week is less crazy for you!

  12. Wow, crazy week! I can relate, we just finished our Science Fair yesterday morning and it has been much like that for me and my students, not to mention my son had a project to enter as well and my other son and daughter both have major projects due this week! Praise God, we are now snowed in and forced to just stay home and take it easy!

  13. I learned a cleansing prayer that really helps me when nasty people try to rock my boat. It basically goes like this, "Dear God, Please put the cross of Jesus between me and (person's name). Please keep their (name nasty emotions) attitudes from attaching to me. And return my spirit to the way You created it." Something like that.

    It helps to remember good boundaries which sounds exactly what you did. And I'll pray for God's supernatural strength and energy to replace yours. And that small group fellowship also pours life into your spirit.

    You are awesome for teaching those students and being a light into their life. Take care!

  14. Oh, Beth, what a week! I think that's called burning the candle at both ends.

    I know I would bawl my eyes out after an incident like yours with the parent, crazy or not. I don't like that kind of conflict! But you should def take the administration's offer to let them handle that in the future. Sounds like this is nothing new to them, and it has nothing to do with you or how you teach.

    Do you know Heather? She linked up under #30 for coffee...some of her teacher stories make me think you ought to have coffee together :)

    Your cabinets are looking GREAT! Kitchen cabinets are a LOT of work. And a lot of work. But your work has paid off...they look azmazing!

  15. I agree...Company Girl Coffee is definitely a highlight of my week too. Love this group of women!
    Wow, what a week! Hoping and praying you've been able to have some good rest this weekend!

    Your kitchen looks great. I know you will be so glad to have that project done. It's hard to live with a half functional kitchen!

    So sorry about the angry mom! You handled yourself like a champ! Good for you even though it was crushing to be on the receiving end.

    Have a blessed and completely uneventful week(for a change)!


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