Monday, January 25, 2010

Smashing Idols All Week Long

Yesterday I spent pretty much the whole day at church.

I went to first service (8:15!) because I wanted to hear the pastor's sermon and I was working in the nursery during second service (ummm..... I haven't ever been motivated enough to go to that service, so that tells you how excited I am about our new pastor).

Erik, our youth pastor, was at the Junior High School retreat, so I taught Senior High Sunday School between services. As mentioned, I worked in the infant nursery during second service- a quick aside on this- I do not love it when parents write down that it's not okay for their babies to cry at all, because I mean, at all? Can they not cry for a minute while I try to figure out how to get them to stop? I had one of those babies yesterday- fortunately, she didn't start crying until the last song at the end of the service, so I felt justified not calling the mom right away.

Anyway, back to my church-y day- Husband and I had a nice lunch together and then I put laundry away while he prepared to lead high school youth group - worship and teaching- and then we each went back to church- him to youth group and me to the Annual Meeting (my first one as I decided I should be a grown up now).

But here's why I'm writing.
I continue to be amazed at how when God wants to make a point, He does.
He makes sure you hear the point every way possible.

I told you about how our pastor had really challenged me to not let control and order be my idol- good things that I turn into ultimate things, making them bad things.

Yesterday he gave another good sermon continuing with the same overall vein, concluding the four week series on idols.

But here's where God really got me- in high school Sunday school, we were reading about Hezekiah. The moment he became king, he re-opened the temple, prayed for healing, had a big Passover party where worship was the focus of it all, and then went around smashing all the idols and pagan altars that had been set up.

After we'd gone through the passages and were identifying some big themes (worship, repentance, seeking God, etc.), I asked the kids to think of some application to themselves. One boy, who never fails to think deeply and provide insight to us all, really nailed it. Here's the gist of what he said.

Basically, Hezekiah and all the people had a huge Passover Party- a celebration- a time of total worship and God time. That's like when we go on a church retreat or even sometimes Sunday mornings. It's a Jesus high. But Hezekiah and the people didn't stop after the celebration was over. They went around and smashed all the idols and kept on living for God and worshipping and making changes in their lives to live for God and be pure and holy in His sight. We also need to keep going - we shouldn't only serve and worship and celebrate and strive to smash those idols on retreats or on Sundays- but all through the week, every day.

So here's to smashing idols all week long. May you and I continue to grow closer to the One we worship, may we seek him with our everything, and may we make Him our only ultimate thing.

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  1. Beth, my son and I have been studying Hezekiah's reign for the last week or so. Even though Ethan is only seven, this study is one I've used with all my children. It is very in-depth and I have learned so much from it myself. So when we got to the part of the story where Hezekiah was healed of his disease then boasted to the king of Babylon about all 'his' treasures, showing him everything of value, Ethan knew something bad was going to happen. And it does. Judah will be conquered and taken into captivity in the time of Daniel as a direct result of that boasting. And guess what my Sunday school class (ladies) began studying Sunday? Daniel. And guess who we discussed? Hezekiah. I'm ready to dig in even deeper now and see what the Lord wants me to get out of this. Thanks for your perspective.


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